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Topic: New Year's Gaming Resolutions

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It's that time of year again, the time when we all make promises to ourselves that we rarely follow through with. I'd personally like to finish my GBA, DS, GC, and Wii collections this year, as well as clearing out my backlog by beating as many games as possible.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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To actually be satisfied with a Call of Duty game and say its not a money making ripoff.
Aw, who am I kidding? I hope that franchise burns in Hel-
HAHAHAHHA. I'm just playing around. My gaming resolutions are to expand my taste in games and finish games in a timely manner.

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To make sure that I get at least a 25 killststreak in MW3.

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I resolve to actually beat some games this year. Like, more than 2.

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I'll probably be finished with this by tomorrow, but I wanna finish Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and Sonic Lost World. :P
And why not, I hope Michael Pachter says one good thing about Nintendo.

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To finish most of the games I buy. For some reason its hard for me to finish a game.

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To play as many of the good new games I can so I actually have a valid opinion and understanding of good gaming in a year again.

Also if I catch up on any older game, it'll probably be HD JRPG I missed. As this is the year of Bravely Default (in America) and X, I might as well make it a JRPG year.

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To expand my gaming tastes. I want to go beyond Nintendo, to discover the worlds that other companies have created. I mean , I game on PC, but in terms of gaming consoles.

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Oh yeah, also to play and beat Bravely Default.

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I don't usually do resolutions but I will try to finish some 3DS games before I get into my tablet much and might even replay a game or two, a game I would like to replay is Dementium 2 on the DS, learned that a HD remake port came to PC recently and I really enjoy the series.

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Hopefully Super Mario Bros. 3 will be released soon.

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Kawaii_Neko wrote:

Hopefully Super Mario Bros. 3 will be released soon.

This isn't gaming resolutions of 1989 bruh

I had fun once and it was awful.

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It'll be tough to do, since I didn't get any Nintendo gifts for Christmas, but I'd like to try and get CN Gold again (love the calendar I just got).

Finish Red Dead Redemption & Dead Island (the games I did get for Christmas). At first I wasn't really thrilled with getting them, but I'm really starting to enjoy RDR (While it does have generic cover based shooter battles, you also get to take part in cattle drives, tame wild horses, and go hunting just because, which is pretty awesome. Also, with it's large world you can just go out & explore on horseback, it reminds me of Twilight Princess in a way).

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To not be totally disconnected from people and life whenever Super Smash Bros. 4 comes out.

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To not be such a closet gamer. Or at least embrace the social side of gaming more.
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To actually beat (and complete) way more games than I did last year. Twitter Wii FC: 4579-0293-6760-7162 [10:25] DarkwingLz: D**mit Knux, tell Sony to release Vita TV here >:[

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-Finish a good chunk of my Wii and PS3 backlog
-Stop buying so many full priced retail games when I know I don't have time to play them all
-Stop playing so much Monster Hunter so I can make time for other games
-Start the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series

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OK so right now I've got:

  • Beat the final boss in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team;
  • Beat Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D;
  • Beat the advanced grand prix in Ridge Racer 3D;
  • Beat SteamWorld Dig, RE:R, and LoZ:ALBW.

That should just about do it. ;)

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Mine is to figure out how to beat a certain boss in FF12 without having to start a new game... I'm halfway through the game....gaa! Also, I've started my retro gaming collection so I would like to expand more on that as well.

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