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Topic: New Multiplatform Indie Game: Chrono Rider Action RPG

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Hi guys, been a big lurker for a long time and wanted to share a project I'm involved in,

its a sci-fi singleplayer and co-op game with platforming and roleplaying elements. You gain skills and upgrades to solve alien mysteries and make game changing decisions that affect your ending. Your gameplay alternates as you progress throughout the game, we have platforming, classic rpg gameplay, top-down shooting, and multiple vehicle sections connected to a time-timetravelling adventure narrative.

Please like and share our post to be included in the special credits at the end of our game!

We currently support all PC platforms, and aim to simultaneously release on Vita/PS4 and Xbox One.

Thank you for your time.




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Feel free to advertise in your signature and the Kickstarter thread:

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