Topic: New Month Day. How was yours?

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GuardianKing wrote:

I hate myself right now.


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By day, I'm a high school lunch lady and had some issues with a few students giving me 'tude today over things I can't control, but what I like about that job is that I always get streetpasses from the kids and they don't even know its me! Hah! Came home, played some AC:NL, played the Ace Attorney demo, and now I'm watching Breaking Bad so an overall average to good day.

My brother & step brothers always acted so anti-Nintendo but I have such fond memories of us all playing conker's bad fur day, super smash bros, mario strikers, mario party, etc etc together. I think they just wanna pretend to be cool even though they had so fun with Nintendo games lol


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GuardianKing wrote:

I hate myself right now.

You're making this thread weird, stop that self loathing.

OT: My day would register as a good 'un I suppose, with encouraging tidings from a friend who is 1,000s of miles away.
Plus I was fairly constructive mentally, which is sort of like productivity that is invisible... yea.

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Eh. I spent most of the day obsessing about how the heck I'm gonna tell my friend I'm afraid of her. The rest of the day consisted of me playing the Wii U and eating. Kind of 'meh' for a New Month Day...

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I had only 3 hours of sleep, and had classes nearly the whole day with a french test at the end to top it all off. I joined the anime club at my University and it went well. Hung out with a friend. Spent the rest of the night cleaning at home. Yeah, it was an okay day. I'm more interested in the days coming up, a lot is going on this month!

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