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Well, i will wait and see until the official trailer comes out...

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Dunno why it's only worthy of a 'meh'. This movie could play a big part in broadening the appeal of Nintendo's IP.

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@gcunit Don't expect ''mature'' forum-goers to enjoy Illumination's kid-aimed flicks. That in of itself doesn't make them bad, they just don't have as wide of an appeal as stuff from Dreamworks or Disney.

The worst thing they've done is try too hard to push Minions, and overexposure can push feelings from neutral to hate easier than you might think.

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They're the ones that made Minions a thing...and I'm sick of them. lol



Yeah... I'm not keeping my hopes up for this one.
There are so many great animation studios: Disney, Pixar, Laika, Ghibli, Studio Chizu, Studio Ponoc,...
If Nintendo would go ahead with one of those, I'd be much more optimistic.
Illumination has only made 1 movie that I actually consider any good and that's their first one, Despicable Me. Why Nintendo would want to go ahead with this company is beyond me.


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We are getting closer and closer to a Mario vs Minions spinoff.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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