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Oh, pardon my asking, but where can I find the forum of people less? I've wanted to read it, but have been unable to find it.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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@Void - Thanks. After reading it, I feel as though I've just seen a piece of history... or something.

I foresee what you'll do there.
-The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. ~Winston Churchill

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@Happy - Thanks! I'd glimpsed it once, but I couldn't find it afterwards. I've bookmarked it for good measure. :3

I foresee what you'll do there.
-The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. ~Winston Churchill

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Okay, time to show the robot master line up.

BDN-001: Angel Woman

Data wrote:

BDN-001 Angel Woman
Armed with a specialized range weapon and heavily trained for close combat, Angel woman is a combat robot built for aerial warfare. It is rumored she has a soft spot for kittens.
"I'm gonna kick you out of the sky!"

Good Point: Sweet
Bad Point: Temper-mental
Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Being called fat

First off representing the robot master line up is @Emeralds aka the user who portrayed the Main character in the first game. Please note that the following representations for all users featured are exaggerated and thus are not an accurate portrait to their real life counterparts. If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask here or most preferably on my Backloggery page located at my signature below.

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I think there should be a clock with a pyramid and mario on it in the back of a stage. :3

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So, you'll need to use the Kitten Blaster to defeat her, right?
(which you get from GentleCat Woman, of course)

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Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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Oh cool! I didn't know that there would be another, and in Mega Man's style as well no less.

I look forward to this with great excitement. My only suggestion is that there should be a pony here and there sprinkled throughout. Keep up the good work.

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Oh just after I beat the previous one too, this is wonderful news. I'm not great at Megaman but I'll look forward to this.

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I'm curious to see who the other robot masters are — I have a pretty good idea of the likely candidates, but am still curious.

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Bah!, I wish I could have finished up the last Robot master's concept art for today, but Things have been wild for me for the past few days. I was hoping to show the rest of the seven RM's but I couldn't make the quota. Anyway's, here's what I have to show you guys so far and please bear with the long post:

turtlelink wrote:

BDN-002: Turtle Man
An armored marine exploration robot that can reach depths up to 10 km below surface level. Despite his short and stubby appearance, his agile movement underwater is quite impressive. His weapon of choice is his Spike bomb that is released from his chest and shell. It is unknown as to why he is invited to numerous Dinners.
"Me a ninja? Hah, I'm even better."

Good Point: Delicious
Bad Point: Hard headed
Likes: Shining wax
Dislikes: Plumbers

Any_NL_Brony wrote:

BDN-003: Brony Man
Originally deployed by a secret organization to dispose all bronies, Brony man himself became one after watching an episode of MLP from one of his target's laptop. His default weapon is the Sparkle buster, a cannon that fires white sparkling energy that can incapacitate targets when hit. Though he doesn't serve his original function anymore, Brony Man still uses his weapon for performance purposes during conventions.
"Fear my power of Friendship!"

Good Point: Dedicated
Bad Point: Socially awkward
Likes: Fanfics
Dislikes: Hasty judgments

Retro_on_theGo wrote:

BDN-004: Retro Man
A robot built with all the videogames known to man inputted in his memory circuits. He is able to project Pixelated images from his Retro zapper for holographic play sessions but after playing too many violent games, he has since then upgraded his projections into electric projectiles.
"Now you're playing with Retrotastic power!"

Good Point: Professional button masher
Bad Point: Addicted
Likes: Videogames
Dislikes: Hula-hoops

Reala wrote:

BDN-005: Real Man
A self proclaimed master of Space and Illusion, Real man was tasked to infiltrate a target's subconscious and to either bend their memories or claim crucial information by using the Reality distortion, a weapon that can project illusions and false memories. Since he only seen in the dreams of targets, it is unknown to people outside the government whether or not he is real.
"What a twist!"

Good Point: Mysterious
Bad Point: Nosey
Likes: Tricks
Dislikes: Being Obvious

Onikato wrote:

BDN-006: Oni Man
A Combat robot tasked to guard an ancient temple from grave robbers. His weapon of choice is the Demon Star, a shuriken type projectile that he produces from his arm and can split when hit. Though he may have look intimidating, he is a big softie that loves nothing more than to relax and have a good dessert. Note the sword on his back is for decoration purposes only.
"No, my weapon wont kill me..."

Good Point: Honorable
Bad Point: Slacker
Likes: Cake
Dislikes: Dentists

WhiteKnight wrote:

BDN-007: Critic Man
A robot built to withstand Critical speeds, Critic man aims to push himself to the limit. His main attack, the Breaking Limit, results from him sustaining too much strain causing him to overheat and burn anything that contacts him. He tends to engage in heated debate whenever somebody does not agree with him.
"Let me Show you my critical analysis of the situation."

Good Point: Knowledgable
Bad Point: Cocky
Likes: Being right
Dislikes: Childish games

Please do NOTE that what you see is not an accurate representation of the chosen Users. The Information provided and the character designs may be subjected to change. Yes, I only presented 7 but rest assured I am working on the eighth's Line art. Please do express how you feel about these and have a Happy Holiday Untitled

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this is epic! Great work!

always thought I'd change to Gyarados after I turned 20 but hey, this is more fitting I guess. (also somebody registered under the original Magikarp name and I can't get back to it anymore orz)

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I'm guessing that turtle man also enjoys chewing server wires? :3

future of NL >:3
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Angel Woman is definitely not an accurate depiction of Ems. There are no girls on the internet, ya know.

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Where is Abman?



Oh make Pride Man the one winged angel homunculus of doom a character and make his mighty "excalibur" be dulled with flames and have the shard of souls make a cameo

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