Topic: Need Help for gift on Valentine's Day.

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MikeDanger wrote:

The_Fox wrote: were engaged at one point? That makes the situation much more complicated. I've got a feeling you're just playing with fire here, my friend.

How so?

he means you're probably setting yourself up to get burned.

I agree with him. if you were serious enough to be engaged and there were obstacles leading up to you guys breaking it off, you have to ask yourself — have you fixed the problems that made you break it off in the first place? Have you saved up the money for a nice wedding (since you've said it was part of the problem), have you worked out the financial plans for your living together and any eventual kids that may or may not pop up? Whatever other difficulties you had together, are you honestly able to say that they no longer exist on your part?

If you can't honestly answer 'absolutely' to all of those questions, don't even bother trying to win her back. She'd just be signing up for more frustration, and no offense, but if that turns out to be the situation if she knows what's good for her she'll shoot you down cold. If you're truly a changed man and you are prepared to show it, through actions and words both (and i don't mean actions like giving flowers and writing poetry, i mean actions like putting the down payment on a house or something equally serious and directly related to your future happiness and security), then go ahead and give it a shot if you feel she's truly worth it. the worst thing she can do is say 'no' and cut the cord for good, finally allowing you to devote your time to other ladies.

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The way I see it, it really comes down to three options:
1) Come into a lot of money
2) Appear on The Bachelor (ladies love that show, you will be insta 15 minute celebrity)
3) Move on and enjoy life

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Got something for a girl and im gonna ask her out tomorrow, wish me luck guys.

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Good luck dude!

To blessed to be stressed.
80's music makes me feel fabulous.
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