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Topic: Name a pokemon you'd want to have as a BFF.

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NoUsernameHere wrote:

I'd guess I'd want an Aerodactyl, Throh and a Shinx. I'd evolve Shinx into Luxio, then Luxray, but what the hey, they'd be useful for battle. :*

I forgot to add Throh, so I'm just putting this here~

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Probably Goodra, the only problem would be getting covered in sticky goo every time she would hug me.

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mystman12 wrote:

Probably Goodra, the only problem would be getting covered in sticky goo every time she would hug me.

Then wear a sticky goo resistant suit, so that way, you can still give Goodra those hugs.

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Haunter would be my bestie.

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As a kid my favorite was a tie between Charizard and Nidoking. I could fly on Charizard or I could walk around town with Nindoking and look like a total boss.

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A charming Pokémon like Sylveon. I would pet it, take it for a walk, and play with it. Hmm...sounds like Nintendogs to me.

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