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Hey...i know its sorta dumb making this topic but i have a youtube and i uploaded 250 videos on retro games,reviews,rants,walkthroughs etc (i try to get good quality so please excuse my webcam for that)
but seemingly i only have 181 subscribers which seems like i wasted my whole time with these videos(i am doing a "Looking back" series in which i look at old games and talk you through them)
also i am currently making "first play" videos on WiiWare Games and again i talk you through the game and i say if its good or bad etc.

My youtube is:sean007s
i'd apperiated it if someone could atleast check out my videos and subscribe so i can keep making them
thank you all^_^ (Also again im sorry if this topic is pointless but if your not sure about a game you wanna buy,my vids may have the answer)
thanks again!

Playstation Network ID:Sean007s
Wii Friend Code:8597 6921 2179 2755. Add me please..
Currently playing:Uncharted 2,Soul Caliber 4,ModernWarfare2,Final Fantasy XIII.
Excited for: Fallout New Vegas,Gran Turismo 5,CoD:Black Ops.


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