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"The new My Nintendo rewards program has arrived.
Earn points for interacting with Nintendo apps and services, and buying digital versions of games. Then redeem your points for fun rewards.
And as a former member of Club Nintendo, you’ve qualified for bonus My Nintendo Platinum Points*.


Just head to to sign in or create your Nintendo Account—and enjoy. You’ll find step-by-step redemption instructions Here"

Look for a email that says Miitomo, My Nintendo, and bonus Platinum Points!‏, open it up and look down the email.


Also once you redeem one reward, you can't redeem it again, weird.

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One thing that I've noticed that is not so cool: Rewards for purchases start at $5.00, but many, many digital games (including almost all NES Virtual Console games) are $4.99.

Forgive me if this has already been covered, but can we confirm if $4.99 does or doesn't count?



@VelvetElvis it counts, I bought smb this morning and received 10 gold coins.

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@Waluigi: Radical. Thanks much, that's a good sign.

Also a sign for me to get off Nintendo Life and do some work, so that I can (probably) justify more spending on digital games tonight since My Nintendo is now a thing. Because I'm hopeless.



@Waluigi: I wonder if it works on games cheaper than NES VC.

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Apparently the verification code I got did not work at all. Nintendo doesn't want to give me that 200 points. Oh well.

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@SSBMarioFan Lemme guess The Legend of Zelda Picross: Twilight Princess? You're not the first person that I've heard that from today...hopefully Nintendo will get their act together soon.

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@Neko_Ichigofan: No, not that. I was a Club Nintendo member before they shut it down. I'm trying to input the code but it refuses to verify it.

I'm the world's cutest anime robot :3

Also Semi-retired Smash Bros. player and now full-time Resident Evil and Sonic fan

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Ok nevermind. It turns out that I had the wrong email-address inputed. Silly me.

I'm the world's cutest anime robot :3

Also Semi-retired Smash Bros. player and now full-time Resident Evil and Sonic fan

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I love My Nintendo! We never got Club Nintendo, so it's great to be able to get some reward points for my purchases. I also buy digital only, so I'm sure to rack up enough points for the deals I'm interested in.

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Aside from the ability to redeem physical game purchases, I want consistency with what costs what kind of point. Or better yet, the ability to buy everything with EITHER point type. I mostly buy retail, with my digital spending being limited to DLC (which doesn't count on My Nintendo) and smaller digital titles (VC or otherwise). By the time I would get nearly enough points to buy SM64 or New Super Luigi U, they'd probably expire. Everything else? I already own most of the Platinum discounted games, so the discounts are worthless, and I'd rather not blow my platinums on themes or Picross if I can help it.

I'm positive that they said Gold would be for discounts, platinum would be for games and physical rewards. What happened to that system?

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I finally got the email.
Let's just forget my previous post, ok?

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"PlatinumGamer" wrote:

Is Nintendo Life even that good of a fourm anyways?

"Sparks" wrote:

prolly full of 6 year olds tbh

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So what happened to that new, improved eShop with the 2000 games or something? Wasn't that supposed to appear along with My Nintendo?



I am very happy so far, but of course there are some gripes I won't get into...

More importantly, I McGruber can confirm that the amount of gold coins you earn only depends on the BEFORE sale price, and not the actual sale price. I know this because I just purchased Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, which is on sale for 4.99 from 29.99. I just received 30 coins for this (hopefully educational) mess of a game!

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In case anyone has missed this (it's not in the Mission screen), but if you click on the Nintendo logo at the top of the My Nintendo page (to access the official Nintendo website), that will net you a further 30 coins. This can be done once a week.

Also, if you check your Nintendo Account, you'll find it has now been automatically connected to your My Nintendo, and all your eShop purchases/receipts are now listed - does this mean we finally have a system where content is tied to the account rather than an individual device? One can hope...


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I just got Metroid Fusion there for 60 gold points after spending only £14.79.Pretty chuffed with myself.I upgraded Super Metroid,Contra 3 and Super Punch Out from Wii VC and bought Starfox 64,Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and Paper Monsters Uncut.I didn't really want Paper Monsters ,I just wanted the extra 10 gold points but it was either that or upgrade Super Mario RPG which I don't like.It's a platformer and it has not bad reviews so I'm sure I'll get some enjoyment out of it.

I'll be buying 3 of the Selects next month which will give me another 90 gold points,enough to get Super Mario 64 .Then Starfox Zero/Guard will give me another 70 points,possibly enough for one of the next rewards that gets added.So within the next 3 weeks,I should have 3 free games out of MyNintendo already after spending just under £125.On Club Nintendo it took me 11 months and £900 to earn enough stars for Advance Wars and Wii Street U.

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