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I started a story arc about Metroid takes place in between Other M and Fusion on the topic comment on the avatar of the person above you. It takes place in the Super Smash Bros. U/3D for a possible story. Here it is:
Deep in the universe, Samus flew in her ship searching for more bounties to hunt. Suddenly, a loud beeping rang in her ship. She looked down at the screen with the warning, cautious. The ship's computer said, "Warning, signs of unknown energy spinning similarly to a tornado detected. Possible formation: Wormhole Possible source unknown, evacuation recommended. On other screen, Samus saw she was receiving a call from the Galactic Federation. The speaker said, "Samus, we detected an unknown energy spike at your location. It could pull you in and kill you. I recommend evacuation. Use your light-speed jump." Samus replied, "No, such a jump will pull the energy and open the field, the only way to stop is my entrance into it." The speaker snapped, "No! You will die! You are a valuable ally! I cannot see why former commander Malkovich trusted you..." Samus was shocked by hearing her former commander's name. Malkovich was was like a father to her. Samus then realized she had no time to think about Adam and quickly responded, "Vince (The speaker), I am doing this no matter what you say. If I don't millions of the nearby alien populations could die. I thought you made a promise to these aliens that you would protect them. The innocent are more important then me. I have to do this." Vince said, "But, no, all right fine. You've made your point. Just be careful and don't die. Once again, you are a great asset to us. Just get it over with. Commander Vince out." Samus understood what she should do. She pulled a lever, the light-speed jump lever, and skyrocketed toward the energy spike, which was now visibly spinning. Samus thought, "It is going to make a portal. A portal with strong gravity. A gravitational surge between this wormhole and the universe's gravity could disrupt many millions of galaxies' safety. I must do this." Once Samus dashed through the center of the energy spinner, it flashed and disappeared. It was a few hours when Samus finally woke up. She noticed her Power suit was not on her. She thought, "The frenzy of me pulling on the wormhole must've affected my suit and ship's technology and sent them elsewhere." She suddenly noticed creatures gathering on her. Some were turtle-like. Those turtle-like creatures wore green helmets, green boots, were standing and wielded hammers as weapons. There were also living mushrooms with feet and a big, ugly expression on their faces. Samus got up and went for her stun gun and aimed at the odd creatures.

Too be continued...



this would work better on your own blog, which you can link to in your siggie file. good luck with it.

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