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A bit of life? I guess its time to post since I'm caught up.
Its been fun around here but it died down with time. I have a feeling it won't quite spark again but its nice to know we'll still be around at times.

Season 5's second half was pretty enjoyable, took a lot of effort to sit through the first chunk where it was a lot of Rarity episodes but she seemed better written and season 6 seems to be off to a good start but I wonder how many seasons are left.

Season 5

Ep 18 Button Mash cameo

Ep 21 Sailor Moon, ranma pony cut out, two I don’t recognize, one I think I should. Anypony else catch this?

25-26 So I didn’t expect The Flim Flam Brothers to destroy the world but otherwise once we got the first one, it was just a question of which past villain next. So I’m guessing there will be fan fiction to fill the gaps and get to these points. I’m guessing Twilight gets taken out in those other times at some point or just never plays a roll. Too bad that desolate landscape one at the end never showed who caused it. Also where was the world of Alicorn Amulet Trixie? I thought we might see it quickly after The Film Flam brothers world. Unless it was suppose to be the barren waste at the end.

Season 6

Ep 1 So the villain is whoever thought it was a good idea to build an empire or at least city, in the middle of a frozen landscape that requires a powerful magical relic or else everypony gets to be frozen to death? Seems like a wise building plan. So we went from Twilight learning about friendship seasons 1-2. To season 3 being all of them and taken farther in season 4 and 5. 6 Is Twilight passing lessons on it seems then?

Ep 3 So the Twilight Sparkle gold rod and Twilight’s stuffed animal are both in manehatten?

Ep 4 Anyone else catch Button Mash or a pony that looked like them watching the dancers?And we seem to see him again later in the episode. So is it them referencing fan material at this point or was it a fan taking that background pony and doing something with them?

Ep 5 This is the one I was looking for. So now I know why FimFiction is filling up with pictures of a certain dragon. Let’s see how much they use the new character. I’m guessing not for a while.

Ep 6 was one I found hard to watch, loved the punch line.

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I think season 5 is really good. Season 3 was pretty awful and too short and really don't remember much about season 4 anymore but overall season 5 was excellent, even if the fanservice goes a little too far sometimes.



Season 3 gets too much hate imo, even if it was short it still gave us Sleepless In Ponyville, Wonderbolts Academy and the underrated Apple Family Reunion, all of which I considered some of the best episodes in the series. S5 was pretty good though

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@Megas75 Yeah, it's not too bad, this show is actually pretty consistent in it's quality but i get why people don't like S3 and i kinda agree.

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TomJ wrote:

Okay, so I watched the first two episodes and I gotta say, I'm a 22 year old guy and....I'm intrigued by this show. I kinda get the appeal with the characters and all, and I think anyone can get into it (not saying I'm a fan mind you). Twilight Sparkle reminds me of me in the sense that she used to put her duties before making friends, I don't know.

While it may be filled with colorful ponies, it pulls away from the usual stereotype one would expect from such a show, imo. It's one where you can't just look at the surface. Sure, it can still get a little girly at times, but the fact that it's just at times and not all the time shows that it was meant to lean in another direction. The end of Season 4 shows just how badass it can get (don't skip to it, imo).

I know the whole surface approach a bit too well. I completely rejected the show until one day I was surfing YT (you know, getting caught in the suggested video cycle), and one particular MLP:FiM clip showed up. So, I figured.....what the heck....

My initial thoughts: "Well, the animation is a bit iffy*, still seems girly, but this was rather unexpected."

*iffy for Flash and that particular scene, but certainly better than other Flash-like animations at the time. I was really quite opposed to Flash animation back then because it was all the rage with cartoons, moving away from hand-drawn, and looked/animated poorly.

So, I ended up watching the follow up clip, which was the continuation of that episode, with Rarity being called a mule and doing a pose that has set the internet on fire to call her a marshmallow. At that point, my interest in the show took hold, and for quite some time, I was hooked, literally. This thread is proof of that if you start randomly checking some of its pages. Other things I did was simple artwork, got some plushes, and even tried some voice overs of a particular character. I even went to a local convention for the show with my brother, his family, and my cousins, and I never go to conventions. While the hype has died down from what it used to be and I'm not so hooked, I still enjoy watching the show as new episodes come out, though I'm usually a few episodes behind.

All I can say is, keep an open mind. Just for kicks, my best pony is Applejack, but my favorite character is Discord (voiced by John de Lancie, who played as Q in Star Trek, and who I tried to do voice overs for).

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@TomJ Don't let your gender or age come into your decision making when deciding if this (or any show really) is worth your time. If you examined the lifestyles of so-called brony haters I'd be very surprised if they're actually God's gift and live perfect lives and so have the right to look down on others. The fact that they do do so makes them worse than whatever image they have of the people they're attacking, there are much more conductive ways to spend their time like I don't know watching an entertaining show or two?

If you like it watch more of it. That's what I did and any 'criticism' I get for doing that from certain people is just laughable for me. I can vouch for this shows' quality and originality.

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@TomJ The show's characters are written to be very relatable to pretty much anyone, so that's not too weird.



TomJ wrote:


Applejack may be best pony, but Fluttershy is my waifu! Stay away from my waifu! Discord commands it! I will send you into the puppet world if you disobey!


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Sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep, sweep.......


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I'm still not caught up on all the newer episodes, even though I have access to them in remastered h264 and HEVC formats.

Don't read any further if you don't want to feel bummed out.

Things took a turn for the worst for my family early last month with my father passing away unexpectedly (at age 64), widowing my mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 triple-negative invasive breast cancer, so I'm helping her out with closing the family business among caring for her, and will need to push myself into getting a job elsewhere. So I've got a lot on my plate right now.


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Not sure how I ended up on this thread, but I'm really sorry for your loss. I hope things start to look on the brighter for you very soon.

Also, what's up MLP thread peeps?

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@Discostew That's terrible that has happened, sorry to hear about your loss, and hopefully things become better (and more swell) for you.

I haven't checked this thread or have seen the show in a long time (thread was also inactive for a long time). I've been seeing less pony stuff and things around the internet and what not. Back on Flipnote Hatena, MLP stuff was on the range, but on sudomemo, the "on the range" goes to the words "MV" and "AMV". As an older kangaroo that still draws stick figures, scary faces, bunnies on Easter, business guys, etc, looking back, YEEah, it didn't all of a sudden become a bad show or anything, just stuff & things happened. Maybe it was a loss of interest? It happens with everything, even for things I like, I could be less interested in them for reasons I have that would make me think that, or, maybe the answer is toast? IDK. For a cartoon about ponies aimed at little girls, it's better than some of the adult stuff for "mature" audiences that i've watched (cough fear the walking dead cough).

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