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Now to wait until 2015 for season five i think i can wait i think.

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I really liked this season finale.
Also lets hope it wont come in 2015, but rather in late 2014/ S4 was supposed to start in 2014, but IIRC, it started on late 2013.

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I really love the fact that they gave the Cerberus from the time traveling episode a mention in the finale. In THAT episode Mr. Devil got released from his prison. That's kinda genius.


You can see Twilight got very mad when he destroyed her tree-house. That was basically the thing that unlocked her Super Saiyan powers haha. I guess it's ok now though, she gets to live in the tree of harmony-castle-thing.

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Gioku wrote:


I think I vaguely remember that...? I kinda remember the Cerberus from before... could you remind me which episode that was?

I don't really remember the name, but it's the one where twilight from the future visits twilight and then she goes crazy trying to prevent whatever happened to her future self. One of the things that happen is that a Cerberus "attacks" the town. Turns out that same Cerberus was the one and only that was supposed to be watching over this villain.

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i found this []

Also how is the Weird Al Episode? been wanting to see that since you's weird al

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Gioku wrote:

@Moorpheel oh right! I remember that now. I thought it was another Season 4 episode at first, so I was confused.

No, I think it's from season two. And that makes it so nice.

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@DiscoDriver43 dude where did you find that is not the show people are fans of thats the old version of my little pony , if your trying to find the weird AL episode is called pinkie pride. Look it up its totally different than the video you just put right now.

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Salutations my fellow bronies! I've been absent for the past week or so to try and avoid the spoiler details that could have emerged for the final, even sneak peeks. But saw the episode, and I'm back.

@Gioku Interesting what you mentioned about a grimmer, and like the logo and vids.

@Discostew Pretty much equal, but as always when it comes to these 2 parters in my opinion, the latter is slightly more. And yes, I believe you were last to move in the RP, I'll try to make sure the RP document is updated fully to be sure.

@Twilight_Crow Nice contents from both weeks.

Those feels when I look at that picture of the tree... I figured she would have to move out eventually, but they had to just blow it up. Awesome scene as a whole, but sad at the same time. I'll miss that Library...

@midnafanboy I see you changed over to Luna for your avatar. I like it! The next season will be a long way off, but got official comics and fics for my pony fix for the time being.

And for those that have not seen the episodes yet, though if you haven't...

Just going to say, this was a great season final. Sure, there were some issues with rushing, but as with Return of Harmony, A Canterlot Wedding, The Crystal Empire, and Princess Twilight Sparkle 2 parter openings and finals, they did a tremendous job with how much time they had. Even more proof that we need a full feature length actual pony film. Equestria Girls is nice and all, but get on that, Hasbro!

I was ecstatic when I saw Tirek in this episode. As someone who watched the G1 MLP 'Rescue from Midnight Castle' film, I always thought his character would be a perfect fit, and they do it well here, even giving Equestria's own version of history on the matter. Only thing I'm disappointed with was we didn't get to see Scorpan besides the history lesson itself, but small gripe. Discord's inclusion was also very fitting, and as always, he tends to steal the scenes he's in. I also liked the fact that he was the one to learn a lesson through Twilight, and bestow an object. It kinda comes full circle for him since his reformation, and we get a real sense that he has changed for the better. Though, hopefully he'll still be a bit of a trickster in later season/s. Also full on super fight scene, though it took the destruction of the place Twilight settled into Ponyville, the Iconic Golden Oaks Library. So many important memories from the show were made there, that it's such a shame to see it get engulfed in a burst of flames. I hope they can somehow rectify it later down the line. And with continuity throw backs as far as season 2, you have a bang up episode. Congrats DHX on another ballpark homerun.

And I feel ashamed I've yet to make my comic review/impression yet of the latest. With trying to avoid spoilers and every day life (and trying not to make this post longer than it is ), It's just been one of those times. I'll post sometime this week hopefully...

And a pic I like.

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It is Sunday, so time for my next MLP remix...!

A little bit different one this time. And I'm in a Twilight Sparkle sort of mood at the moment, which is a rare thing...'s probably because Twilight was just recently (yesterday ) part of my favorite MLP moment ever!

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It's Sunday, so time for my MLP remix

My opinion on the finale as it was the first finale I've watched from the show and it was so awsome! Since I joined late s4 I didn't quite get where all the keys were from (I didn't know where rarity and pinkie pie's where from) but I didn't feel like I missed too much. I also couldn't help thinking about "IMMA FIRING MA LAZER" when Twilight fired his epic laser of doom on Tirek And the ponies "mega evolution" were also very well done and so awsome Unfortunately twilight's house had to go away but to make THE BEST fight I've watched in a loooooong while! so IMO it was worth it

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@Lunapplebloom thank you for liking my new avatar i found this pic and i just loved it and it goes with me cause my favorite pony is luna. So it all fits in my opinion.

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Well I still haven't seen any of Season 4, but I here Twilight gets a kingdom or something...that sure changes things. And I thought it was big when she got wings.

Still, it sounds like it's well done.

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I think that Discord planned everything ahead. He knew what was in the box, what the keys were and knew how dangerous Tirek was. It's also rather odd how to only window he mess with is the one decipting Twilight Sparkle. I think he must've figured that to obtain the last key and thus defeating Tirek he was to let Twilight give up her magic and prove her friendship. He also knew Twilight wanted a kingdom to rule, and she got that in the end! It would also be a test to see if Twilight actually cared about him even after he betrayed them and he lost his magic.

That is what i think anyways.

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I don't know. He may have known "the power" that was within the box (but not necessarily the use) and how to open it, but I don't think there was an actual plan with regard to Tirek. If this was his plan all along, then that would mean that he was pretending to betray the ponies and take Tirek's side. He may cause mischief with most, but he certainly had stopped any and all deceiving with Fluttershy, who he regrets betraying the most. If Discord knew the amulet from Tirek was the key for Twilight, then I doubt he'd have left the window pane of Twilight as it was for Tirek to notice, because at that time of getting the amulet, Discord could go off to the main 6 and get the box opened. No, I think Discord set out to do as he was called, to bring Tirek in (since he was the one who could find him), but he didn't expect Tirek's influential words to relight the flame of his own ways by having his current situation described as just another prison .

As for the finale...

As others have said, it was epic. Of course most of the epicness came from the 2nd part, especially the fight between Tirek and Twilight. I'm so glad they put thought into this finale, especially when bringing back an old foe. I mean, this finale could be considered dark compared to other episodes this whole generation, yet it worked so well. The first season didn't really have a finale, and honestly, the 3rd season's finale was too song-filled. Season 2's finale was at least decent, but how it ended pales in comparison to this finale. Of course you've got Discord, the franchise's goofball, up to his old tricks with the mane 6. I saw one image before watching this finale, and it was Tirek absorbing his magic. Because of that, I thought he was going to be one of the first to go, but it turned out that not only was he not, but he also helped Tirek to do so with all the other ponies. I guess the sudden reversal though between the two of them was kinda expected after seeing how more powerful Tirek became. All in all, it was a great finale, but not so great as we have to wait until next year for Season 5. I do have a troubling question though. Did Discord lose his magic forever? From the point when Tirek absorbed his magic and onward, he had used no magic at all, even after every other pony was restored. In much the same way as people were unsure about Twilight becoming an Alicorn, I am unsure about a magic-less, and possibly non-mischievous, Discord. By taking the discord out of Discord, he becomes a simple bystander. That does not sit well with me, especially since he's my favorite character of the franchise (Discord is best pony). I just hope that this isn't the case.

Now for some epic art...

UntitledNow I'm reminded about the final battle in Yoshi's Island.

Now for something totally random

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Oh, and one more thing....


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