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Happy weekend everypony!

Since Halloween is next week and "Día de Muertos" is next Saturday, I'll wait till then to post any scary themed content.

@Pikpikman_X Ok, np. Also, whenever you have that problem you can go to Equestria Daily for some Derpy art. It is true they get the art from DA, but they also have copies of all the art in a google account, so you could use that.

@Gummio No worries, glad the message got to you. That sketch is sooooo cute. :3 Hey, would you draw something like that for me, but changing Applebloom with Trixie and Luna with Celestia? Is ok if you are busy though.


Tonight on the ==Fic Of The Week,== something nice and simple with one of my favorite Fanfiction themes:
Never Were There Such Devoted Sisters by Cadabra
[On Fimfiction Adventure Incomplete Everyone]
Discord was once defeated by the celestial king and queen, but his presence left its mark upon the earth and they can no longer stand by and watch as their creation falls into ruin. They must set a good example for their young daughters. But as Discord tricks the king and queen, he is just as able to trick the princesses. Stealing Clestia's wings, Luna's horn, and the sister's memories, he sends them to live among the pony tribes so that they can understand first hand what ambition he brought about.
Can two sisters reunite to restore their identity, order, and peace among the masses, or will they be doomed to a life of their own ambitions?

Why yes, another origin of Equestria story. I can never get enough of these. This one has its charm though, an original idea and good worldbuilding. Though I must admit the info dump that sets that worldbuilding can be discouraging, if you can go through it and get into the meat of the story you find an nice plot, very well fleshed out characters and a simplicity that is just charming. Do not pay attention to its statistics, this little piece deserves a lot more views and likes, it is not perfect but is well thought.
Writing is decent.

And art.

Until next time.

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Weekly Derp #3!!!

This was done by s216barber.
This was done by dahtamnay.
And this was done by shinodage.

I just couldn't find a good fourth image for this week, but at least I tried.
From moongazeponies.

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@Twilight_Crow Certainly! I'd be more than happy to. ^.^ I apologize in advance though because I don't know when I'll get it done.. So much to draw.. So little time. Dx haha Hopefully soon. Glad you like the other picture~

@Pikpikman_X XD love those derps

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@CorporalPegasus - Thank you. Excellent trick.

@Twilight_Crow - I haven't explored it, thank you for the warning. At least the image only takes me to a page of the image. I'll avoid exploring the tumblur.

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You know what? It's been too long, it is time to continue drawing the Equestria Girls! I'm going to do it now... like, right now... I'm suddenly motivated!
Looks like I've got a spot all set up for Rainbow Dash already. So I'll get started on that!
...I would've done it sooner, but... I've been distracted waiting for, and now playing, Pokémon.

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@Gioku Ooooh, im looking forward to that.

TF2 just added a unicorn hat to their hat catalogue, complete with silly (not so subtle) dialogue:

It does have some swearing here and there, but its all incredibly silly.

Also have an SFM clip of the awesome song Nightmare Night:

Vibes and low lights


Even though I basically hate halloween... Happy Halloween, peeps~! **huggles**
@Twilight_Crow (Don't worry, I'm doing a pony one.)
Also.. anybody want something done like this? Name a pony~ I can't decide who to do.. >.<'

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Happy Nightmare Night Everypony

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Happy Nightmare Night, everyone!
Interestingly enough, I only just noticed this...
Why does her flank look like Scootaloo's, with no cutie mark...? Does (or did, given how this was S2) this mean Scootaloo really is a chicken...?
Has this ever been noticed before?



DoodleJohn wrote:

Happy Nightmare Night, everyone!
Interestingly enough, I only just noticed this...
Why does her flank look like Scootaloo's, with no cutie mark...? Does (or did, given how this was S2) this mean Scootaloo really is a chicken...?
Has this ever been noticed before?

I thought that was just part of the costume, like how an old-fashion pumpkin costume will have the person wear a full green garment underneath the actual pumpkin outfit.

Yes, I know this because when I was little, I had a similar pumpkin costume (but the headgear was just a cap that didn't go around my face), and it was designed for boys.

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Happy Nightmare Night Everypony! I know it's not technically now anymore, but it's close enough I say.

@Twilight_Crow Holy cow... My sleep tonight will surely take a beating. I like your past two fic of the week posts though. I'll be sure to check them out when I can. Also love the pics shared as well. That last artist has some serious talent.

@CorporalPegasus I love those 2 videos. Nightmare Night especially though, since the guy who does those SFM animations is awesome. I now have the urge to try to animate with SFM again, but don't have a good enough computer anyways , and time has not been on my side lately.

@DoodleJohn I actually noticed that a while back. Even though it is just a part of the costume it is a nice wink of where the whole Scootaloo is a chicken comes from.

@Pikpikman_X Thanks for pulling through with another Derp. I like the Luigi one the best from that batch.

@Gummio Thanks a bunch. That is now my Iphone's Background now. And wonderful job on the pony costume pics.

@Gioku Well better late than never. I look forward to your next creation.

And this has nothing to do with Nightmare night, but it very well should be from the scare factor... Watch this at your own risk! You have been warned!

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@CorporalPegasus While I like a number of SFM clips, I unfortunately didn't care much for this latest one posted. The animation is good, but because of the song used having such a fast beat (and rap nonetheless), it forced the animations to also be too fast, changing camera perspectives far too often, etc. Just my opinion.....and a personal annoyance of mine is how often Vinyl Stitch is used in these fanmade music videos. Sure, being a DJ is her special talent, but her use in the videos is just so repetitive.

@Lunapplebloom I saw that video a couple days ago, and I couldn't stop laughing, especially at the Rarity portion.

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