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@Twilight_Crow Indeed he has. Excellent finds related to Button. And I must say that fan film looks to be quite good, if the music you posted is any indication anyways. The music they did sounds so close to Daniel Ingram, but they also give it there own touch if you know what I mean. I'll be watching this one like the others now. Story sounds good too, and I'm sorry to hear you still have that dreadful cough. I hope it clears up after all this time.

@Discostew Thanks for the warning.

@Aqueous That's such a clever comic. I love it.

@Pinkie_Pikpik All those Derps are great, especially the gif one. Keep em coming. I think I may help out here.

Blame it on my sudden playing spree of DuckTales Remastered. Link is in the image.

Luna hears Discord's shout from the next car over, and her blood starts to boil. "Just wait till I get my royal hooves on you!" She yells as she shakes her right foreleg vigorously in the air like a clenched fist. Then Twilight's sudden change of expression and slight laughter at not believing a word of what Luna had just said did not help matters much either. After Twilight takes her hoof off of the angrily befuddled princess and trots away, it takes Luna a moment before she turns around, shouting "Wait, Twilight Sparkle! I surely speaketh the truth!" It was to late to catch Twilight with her words however as she had already passed into the next train car. Letting out a grown as she watched Twilight's silhouette disappear from the curtain she turns away from it, which also had a somewhat suspicious pony in the sunglasses looking in on her, but she was so upset with Discord that she didn't pay much mind to what was her sister in disguise. Before she enters the train car that Discord is in, she catches herself and makes the royal Canterlot soothing motion with her hoof to try and calm herself down, if even a bit. She then pulls the curtain over to see Discord sitting with Pinkie, asking in a serious and condescending tone, "Do you see anything wrong here?"

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I love how Twilight putting a hoof of Luna and calling her Discord wasn't even registered @Lunapplebloom

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I've been hesitant about Ducktales Remastered after hear numerous reviews giving it a low score, but based on comments of those reviews, I'm thinking these reviewers had the wrong mindset just like they did when they were reviewing ZombiU, to which in that case, the reviewers were reviewing it not as a survival/horror game, but as one from the modern Resident Evil games where the original elements that made Resident Evil were tossed aside. If I do pick up DTR, it'll likely be after my vacation next week, because right now, I'm playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Yep, I finally bought it, digitally.

"Well, let me see." Still continuing to pet Pinkie, Discord looked Luna over. He looked at one side, then the other. With his other hand, he brought it up to his chin. He squinted his eyes as the look of perplexity spread across his face. His eyes continued to dart around as if to find something wrong. He tilted his head counterclockwise, then clockwise, then fully upside, still unable to find anything wrong, as if the obvious wasn't obvious at all. A moment later, his eyes widened, and his head rotated back into position. He chuckled a little. "Oh!" He smacked his forehead as he chocked on his laughter. "Now I see. Let me fix that up for you." He began swirling magic in his available hand, the other having rested on Pinkie. The light coming from his hand began to glow brighter, ever so much that it was filling up the train car. Before it became blinding, the light had faded, and Discord was sitting there with his arm out, his paw clasped and his thumb sticking upward. He opened his mouth, took his thumb and licked it. He then proceeded to move his thumb towards Luna. Luna's original color was seeping through a spot on her face, so Discord wiped it away with his thumb. He pulled back his arm and gave a smirk. "There, now you look perfect!"

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this isn't okay
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it's lpzb

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You know what, I just thought of something, does Diamond Tiara's cutie mark have any actual purpose aside from...wearing a tiara?

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The title bar color was a nice touch, but they're just making fun of us.....

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@Aqueous Whoops, you got me. I'll need to be more careful with late night posts.

@Discostew You're right about that aspect of reviewing probably being the case for the low scores. It's seriously one of the best games I've played this year, though I would factor a bit of nostalgia into the equation for giving it high marks. Congrats on the Dream Team purchase though. I'll refrain from further derailing now though.

@Pinkie_Pikpik Oh really? Terribly sorry about that. I should have figured this one was coming up. Still, your replacement pic looks great.

@Shadowing Eh, I liked it the first thing they did, but this new one... not so much.

@Electricmastro Tiara wearing is pretty much the name of the game for her so far, and being a snobby jerk. I think Sweetie Belle or Scootaloo touched upon it slightly when they were first introduced, but can't remember. I'll need to watch that one again.

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I'm at Gen Con right now, about to participate in the MLP TCG game. Heck, I'll even walk home with a beta deck. :3

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I'm still sick and I had a trying day. But today is Saturday and the show must go on.


Tonight on the ==Fic of The Week,== Trixie! Because we need more great and powerfulness:
Trixie, Appleloosa Sheriff by Einhander
[On Fimfiction Adventure Incomplete Teen]
Trixie is very guilty of crimes against pony. She must choose, jail, or becoming the new sheriff of Appleloosa. But Luna gave her three rules:
Rule One: Thou must Protect the Innocent and Uphold the Law.
Rule Two: Thou cannot Lie or Boast about things Thou hast not done.
Rule Three: Thou may only use thy magic in discharge of thy duties.
Will she became the hero Appleloosa needs? Or will she fail and end up in prison anyway?

This is a fairly recent story with a very original premise. It is funny and entertaining. Then the action begins, and suddenly it really shines. I can't stop feeling this is going somewhere interesting. With a well thought set up, that includes great OCs, goodies and baddies, and a Trixie with a stronger character that is still enough on character to be recognizable, this adventure already made me feel excited. Oh and there are EPLOSIONS!
Writing is very good.

And... more Trixie:


Celestia sees Twilight walking away, her sister turned Rarity tries to stop her but she doesn't hear. Finally, the fake unicorn walks away as well.

After thinking for a moment she decides to follow Twilight Sparkle, it was safer, after all she would still be affected by the "not your business" spell in her clothes.

The Prinncess "stealthily" moved through the train car, her antics ignored by everypony.

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