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Oh my, that last one is totally a spoiler most will want to avoid!

The others are fine, just watch out for the last part.

Meowph, that's right!

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Sorry to be absent for a bit, I had some things to do for the past few months. But now I have a break, so you should be seeing me more from now on till Septemeber.

@Twilight_Crow Sorry, to hear you still were sick. Hope you feel better soon. And anything pertaining to that arc in the comic I have to read. Also I love that image. Would be awesome to see an MLP movie in that style. I'd also get me some TCG cards too. My wallet is going to feel sore from the money they are going to beat out of it.

@Pinkie_Pikpik Well, Derpy has been taken, but @MasterGraveheart hasn't posted anything for Derpy in a long time. The space could be open, but you would need to ask him first, since he's the original RPer. You could take anyone else if you like, if she's not available though.

@ShotgunryuganI Rather enjoyed it for what it was as well. Still want my strictly pony movie yet though. And CONTINUING SPOILERS FROM THE EQG MOVIE there is one other spot that she appears in. It's in the cafeteria at the lower part of the screen. You'll need to be fast to catch it though.END OF SPOILERY SPOILERS

@Aqueous Ok, though I'll be waiting if you ever decide to watch it though. And of course it was a bad idea on Luna's part, but makes sense since this was before Nightmare Moon.

@Morphtorok Awesome, I've still not grabbed any of the series 2 set yet, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for it. And thanks for the warning. Must... Avoid.... Spoilers!

Luna's jaw dropped as she saw Rarity's reflection in the mirror she was looking into. She stared into the reflection for a good few seconds in disbelief, before finally shouting, "How could this have happened?! I was just..." She then remembers that there is a certain creature on board that loved to cause this type of mischief. "Discord..." She snorts, "When I am through with him, he shall have a face that not even the foul creature that created him in whatever dark hole he came from could love." With anger and determination in her eyes, she starts trotting back towards the train car she came from, before coming back to the the pony with sunglasses to politely thank her and then trotting off again. As she goes through the curtain separating the cars, she bumps into Twilight.

And here is some high quality animation from Jan Animation. I found this to be quite funny.

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@Lunapplebloom - Why are you so determined to see me watch it?

Getting knocked back on her flank. "Could you watch where..." Opening her eyes after falling and seeing "Rarity" in front of her. " ...Rarity?! What in Equstria are you doing her? Wait, that means the letter I sent to your mail box to go see Princess Celestia for cake won't be found till your trip is done. Not that is matters, there was no cake. Oh, have you seen Princess Luna? I'm looking for her, she's been gone to the filly's room for sometime."

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@Aqueous I never meant to sound pushy on the subject, though sorry if I was. I'm not so much determined as that I was just making a suggestion. If you don't want to see it, and you've made that perfectly clear, that's ok. I'll drop it for now.

@Pinkie_Pikpik Keep up the good Derp.

After shaking her head, Luna looks down to Twilight, but only sees the lower half of her body. Adjusting from her normally downward view to her, she raises her head to look to Twilight face to face. "Twilight Sparkle," She says, her voice still sounding like her old self, "I am terrible sorry for th..." She was cut short though by Twilight's small rant of points mixed with questions about current situations. "No, Twilight Sparkle. Your preconceived notions are wrong. It is I, Luna, who is standing before you." In her normal form, she would have felt very regal and commanding by saying that, but temporarily being the same size as her sister's pupil took the edge off it. "I'm sure you are aware of who is responsible for my change of appearance?" She quizzes to Twilight, as she starts to make her way to the next train car door, frustration still filling her face.

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@Lunapplebloom - I remember seeing the intro to Button's Adventures some time ago. Glad to see an actual pilot was made. It was very well done.

And now for a very short RP post.

"I told you so!", said a loud, but distant voice from the far side of the train car.

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@Lunapplebloom - I love how it is only for now.....
You two moved in a way that spoiled my future posts plans. Now I need to rethink.

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@Pinkie_Pikpik: Running off of what @Lunapplebloom said, I have @MasterGraveheart as a friend on Steam and could ask permission for you to use Derpy. Just let me know if you still want to participate as Derpy.

EDIT: Oh look, role play!

Pinkie jumped from Dizzy's lap at the sound of his voice, landing on his head. Startled and confused from having just woken up, she clamps on to Dizzy's head, like a cat to a tree branch, without knowing what it was, shivering with fright and looking around the train.

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Yeah, sorry guys, I haven't been following the RP here very closely ever since I took on Twitterponies. If you have someone who you think would be a good Derpy, I welcome them to take on the role as well, love Derpy though I do. She should be in the hooves of someone who'll take her out to play more often.


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@Lunapplebloom And suddenly Buttons became the next Internet sensation! But honestly is very well made.


@Aqueous Oh that is so funny!

Since I am here a little RP post wouldn't hurt.

Celestia watches as her sister turned Rarity thanks her and walks down the tight corridor. As she reaches the end of the car, Celestia crouches and, unnecessarily sneakily, follows her sister through several cars, then listens in as Luna bumps into somepony else. That sounds like Twilight.... does everypony followed me? Can't a mare have some peace while following her dreams? Noticing the conversation ended abruptly, the princess places herself to the side of the door and quietly sneaks her head through the curtain to see what's going on.

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Unfortunately, being an internet sensation also means they'll likely be exploited for other.....purposes. For instance, I went to the YT page of the person who voiced Buttons, and on his playlist was a video involving the characters from the pilot. To put it bluntly, it was NSFW, it was crude and it was immoral. That is all I will say on the subject.

So to everyone. Be cautious. You have been warned.


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Daily Derp #35!
This was done by cpkanimallover. I haven't checked out the rest of her stuff, but have a link anyway!
I know this isn't AS good as the previous derps, but I felt like using something that had been uploaded in the past day.

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Keep your ponies at your pony websites..not here...BTW derpy is overrated....

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what's this thread for?

tumblr's better...

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