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Morphtorok wrote:

That would be Muffin flavored milk. I think.

Muffin juice, muffin milk. All that really matters is it is adorable.

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I-hate-ponies wrote:

Hi guys!! **hugs** And welcome to the forums to all of the new comers I have failed to welcome in the past!
Though I may not play an active role in this RP (heck, the thread in general) I do enjoy a bit of participation. And hey, Gummi shouldn't always be around or he'd lose his subtle antics. :3

Gummi who was having quite a peaceful nap is suddenly jolted awake when he rolls out from pinkie's hair onto the cold hard floor of what appears to be a palace of sorts. He figures Pinkie must have been in her usual bouncy and ecstatic mood (He's fallen out of her hair several times due to this reason, and it annoyed Gummi to a degree). He ends up knocking against a dresser, and he sees some shiny yellow thing before everything goes blank. When he comes to, he is being carried in a basket on the back of a pony in armor with the yellow object and there are frantic ponies all over. He looks confused, or at least he would if he could express his emotions better, and he thinks to himself "What the hey? Why do these silly ponies always have to make such a silly ruckus…" Already bored of the situation he rolls his eyes around to look for something to eat and he notices some cupcakes on a table in the corner of the room which they were currently walking away from. Gummi makes some dinosaur like noises and frantically flails his arms around trying to indicate his want of the pink sugary goodness, but because the guard seems too focused on getting to somewhere Gummi jumps from the basket and waddles over to the table to quench his sugary desire.

I was waiting for months to say that, and I can finally change avatars again.

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Daily Derp #8!
This one was done by SemajZ on Deviantart. He draws random stuff, some of it being NSFW, but he's done some pretty good MLP art.
@Syrup Thanks for the feedback! I didn't think of sourcing the artist when I started, but that's a good idea.

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Welp. Sorry for not posting for a while now. I had some things i needed to do.

@Pinkie_pikpik Neat idea! Love what you've posted so far.

Oooh the first PonyLife podcast! Interesting. I will give it a hear tomorrow.

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Daily derp #9!
I got this one from EQD, and they didn't credit the artist... so I don't know who did it! And while I'm on the topic of the daily derp, number 10 won't be up until Monday. I'm going out of town, and I won't have internet access, so just wait and derp will come.

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Hey, there, people! So, recently, I decided that I was going to teach myself how to draw again! The book that I'm using asked me to draw a random person that I made using my "imagination", so, I decided to draw a humanized Applejack, 'cause she's the only one that would look like a plausible human or something. I dunno. Also, if you want, follow me on tumblr, click on the image.
(I edited some stuff, so, yeah.)

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@Syrup - That's what you call teaching yourself to draw again? Man, I wish I had that talent. After you made a comment about making a drawing for each RP post, I thought about doing that myself with the scenarios that Discord is in, but I think it would take too long for me.

Anyways, my latest RP post.

Discord, with a smile on his face, placed his hand on Pinkie's head and began rubbing back and forth. He then turned with discontent to Twilight, who was laughing her hooves off at Discord's response. "Come now Twilight, not even you can be that daft." He sat up-right in his chair. "I bet she could change into any pony she wants." He separated his arms out in a manner for stretching and yawned once again, but unbeknownst to the two ponies, he pointed his finger towards the doorway that Luna had passed through, and with a zap, his magic jetted through the doorway. He proceeded to relax back into his chair. "Yep, I wouldn't be surprised if she caught you off-guard some day looking like some other pony. I bet she's in the other car changing right now."

edit: Needed some clarification on what was happening, plus a little more humor

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"Really Discord? Do you honestly believe that I'll believe Luna can change into other ponies?" Rolling her eyes. "How can you think me daft? Your the one who forgot got to look over and see Pinkie changed seats. You'd have to be sleeping to miss that."

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@Syrup Wow that drawing is amazing, I knew you got talent, but never saw you draw something so realistic. Kudos.

I finally stopped being lazy aaaaand wrote something for the RP, this one is for you @Lunapplebloom.

Princess Celestia was in her old room at the highest tower of the castle of The Royal Pony Sisters... and she had cake. The sun came in through the big windows and everything was bright and colorful... including the cake. The Princess smiled and used her golden magic to grab a piece of the delicious treat, licking her lips as she took it to her mouth and...

A screech of Royal Canterlot proportions wakes her up with a startle. "Ah uh... wha...?" She fixes her crooked sunglasses and looks around, noticing her sister standing at the center of the train cart holding a newspaper, a terrified expression on her face. Without thinking Celestia speaks, "Luna... What the Tartarus?" Uh oh, I just cancelled half of my "not your business" spell by talking directly to her... Fortunately, as long as I don't tell her "I am Celestia" she will ignore the little detail that I am her sister. She thinks.

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Hello Bronies, time for the weekly post of words and art.

@Pinkie_Pikpik To look for the author of a piece, copy the url, go to click on the little camera in the search bar and paste the link. Look for DA pages and you will probably find the author.


Tonight in the ==Fic of The Week== a long story for a change:
Archmage by Loyal2-1
[On Fimfiction Slice-of-life Complete Mature]
Twilight Sparkle has been appointed the new Archmage of Equestria. But even with all her studies, she is not ready to take the big responsibilities of the position. Now, she will be taught darker, more powerful magics, and will be forced to face many challenges ahead.
WARNING:This story contains 3 scenes depicting sex, this is not, however, a clopfic and the scenes are important for the development of the story.

A more mature Fanfiction. It is hard to describe, sometimes is all about romance, sometimes is an adventure and sometimes is a drama. Is the story of a lifetime, Twilight's lifetime as Archmage.
It is not perfect, sometimes it's clear the author had problems deciding the direction of the story, however he manages to maintain a cohesion that makes the plot lines feel real, and never leaves a loose end.
Awesome characterizations and good writing.

Fun and Art:


This is weird... but awesome.

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"I'll just have to STOP. TIME!" - Twilight Sparkle
Our little MLP fanfic on EQD:The Perfect Night Sky
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Discostew wrote:


Everything goes better with Fluffle Puff. ^^

Speaking of better, this year's Fan Favorites box set!


DO want!

Speaking of do wants, these: &

And, for something I wish I could have gotten my hands on if I could have gotten into SDCC this year... so... beautiful...

Get me to SDCC guys... GET ME TO SDCC!!! ;_;


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If you're on tumblr, be sure to follow Nyoncat. She(?) posts really adorable art.

One of my favorite PMV's. The video editing and song choice is superb, and it sadness me that it's really underrated.

Anyhow, RP!

The uproarious commotion of the city flooded the desolate alley, enveloping the catatonic Detective. Though it pained him to do so, the disembodied voice chose to remain quiet, allowing the distraught detective to collect his thoughts.
Huh..., CC muttered quietly under his breath,Y’know what this reminds me of?
Perplexed, the voice replied with a simple, What?
Pizza. We should get some pizza.
Now’s not the time for that. We need to-
Nonsense! There’s always time for pizza.
With a spring in his step, Chubby made his way out of the alley, and onto the bustling streets of Las Pegasus.


@Pinkie_Pikpik That's cool. See ya when you get back. Nice pictures before you left though.

@Twilight_Crow Awesome, nice to see you back in the RP again. And excellent art and comic, but I'll be giving a pass for the story. Thanks for the warning though. Even if it's still not cloping, I'd just rather not read about that type of stuff is all.

@MasterGraveheart They all look excellent. And I know how you feel man.

@Syrup I don't know about you, but that is excellent. I'm not much for humanization, but you get extra points for it being AJ. Still awesome job there. And cool tumblr pics, but the link to the video is broken.

@CorporalPegasus I hope you enjoyed it, and no worries.

@Morphtorok It's brilliant really.

Luna was still in the middle of the train car in shock from the reveal that Gummy of all creatures had taken the throne. All the sounds around her seemed to have become distant echoes in the back of here mind as she kept staring at the picture in horror, lip quivering slightly in the process. Her imagination was running wild at all the unspeakable horrors the little alligator could bring upon the kingdom with a well placed squeak or growl. The thought of him gumming on her game collection made her feel uneasy inside. And, with a single wave of his scaly claw, the entire cake storage center could be cleaned out without warning. Gummy's face then turned into her sister's when she heard her sister's voice echoing in here head, followed by a blinding flash of white light, which brings her out of her distressed daze. Looking about, she calls out, "Sister... Was that...." Looking perplexed, she rubs her throat with here hoof, thinking to herself, 'That's strange... my voice seems different.' Looking about here, she notices that the seats have grown a bit taller. Looking back at the paper, she also notices that the magic silhouette enveloping paper had also changed it's color to a faint light blue. 'This can't be a coincidence...' She thought as she looked to her hooves, and noticed that here legs were white. 'Oh no... Nonononono! Don't tell me this day can get any worse!' her mind exclaims as she looks about for a mirror. Seeing none in the train car readily available, she looks to a pony with sunglasses and a trench coat, asking, "Do you have a mirror that I shall use?"

And sorry I've not posted in a while, but I've been super busy here this past week, and it looks that way for a few more as well. I'll post for the RP wherever possible, but otherwise I won't be around much for the time being.

On a brighter note though, here is a comic I found quite funny.

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