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@Rocko52: Calm down. A My Little Pony TV Show was also just a move to sell toys. And like you said, the team that made it took what they were given and made a great show about it. Now comes another money promising demand from Hasbro, and I'm sure the team took what they were given and tried to make a decent experience out of it. Judging from the trailers, they tried their best to fill the movie with the essence of the show while meeting the demand of "Inter-dimensional High School Drama" (One of the few high school dramas that I'd actually see. A high school drama claiming that it is not a high school drama is another. ) set by Hasbro. Also, she's not ditching her friends for new ones, she just parted with her friends to cross dimensions on a mission to retrieve her crown to save Equestria from inevitable future disasters, a mission she can only bring Spike along on for reasons so far unknown, and met her friends' doppelgangers on said mission. She's going to go back to her friends eventually. It's like if you moved a few years back and went on vacation to visit your old town and see your old friends. You wouldn't be abandoning your friends back at home, just visiting others.

And we get it, you hate the idea of the movie. You don't have to put "it's gonna suck" posts after every post pertaining to the movie. I, for one, am going to reserve my judgments for after I watch the movie, much like most others around here. Doing otherwise can make one miss out on a loooooooot of good stuff.

@Retro: Thanks for the new avatar!

@IAmSpike (And possibly others that came in during my not-posting-a-thon): Welcome welcome welcome to the NintendoLife herd today!

@Discord: The RP! I should write a post soon. We're lucky @Syrup doesn't RP anymore, he would've blew up everyone by now.

In the meantime, have a possible S4 spoiler.
(Pssst, nooguis.... click on the pictures I post for sources.)

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Challenge Accepted, @ToastyYogurt. Don't poke the sleeping giant, as you will regret when he awakens.

A young man randomly appears inside of dark, mysterious alley. He doesn't know exactly how he got there, but that doesn't matter, as it is convenient to the plot and most likely involves some random, half-baked explanation involving magic and such (Actually, the real reason why he's here is just to prove Toasty wrong). Anyhow, that is not important, what is important, however, is the fact that this very young man happens to be the first and final piece in a long, convoluted plot that will bring about the destruction of everything. It's best not to dwell upon this for too long, as it will only cause unnecessary strain on your mind. No, what we (and by 'we' I mean the audience) should be thinking about is who exactly is this young man? Who is this harbinger of doom? The blower of Gabriel's horn? Well, that's not really important right now. To be honest, names aren't really important at all, as they do not define who you are; they're simply random words.
What? I'm not avoiding answering your inquiry, I just feel like revealing the name of this mystery man would be pointless, no?
Anyway, aren't you curious where this mysterious alley is located? 'cause it sure is a mystery.


(He's somewhere in Los Pegasus and it's Paranormal Detective Chubby Cheeks.)

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@Syrup: Yay! You're ba- I mean no, I'm about to eat my words!

EDIT: RP post ahoy!
Upon the uttering of the word "friend," Pinkie snapped to attention from her dreamy look at Discord. "Friend?! Friend?! Where?!"

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Okay everypony, here is ocarinaplaya's review of Equestria Girls, and don't worry, there are little to no spoilers in this...

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Oh, boy, now that the cat's out of the bag, this plot thread may continue. Now, you might be asking yourself, "Hey, the last time we saw this Chubby Cheeks, he was pretty much a ghost, and his body was eaten up by parasprites". Well, first off, if you actually thought that, you deserve a pat on the back, 'cause I didn't really expect anybody to remember that old RP. Secondly, don't worry about it. It will all be explained through a series of expository paragraphs that will slowly feed you information that you need to know. Now, let's keep this RP train going!
"Ugh, my head...", moaned the portly detective.
His splitting headache was killing him, though, that would be redundant, for you see, he was already dead! Or at least, undead.
Yes, it's true; the magical magic of magic used to magically revive him had the side effect of turning people into zombies. I know, I know, I should stick to regular, reliable magic. But I had no other options,as regular old magic has its limitations, and it is strictly prohibited to use regular magic to bring people back from the dead.
Anyway, enough of that.
The PD dusted himself off; his awful headache causing him to moan in pain as he stumbled out of the alleyway. When he finally made his way out of the alley, he heard the shrill screaming of horses in the distance.
The horrid combo of screams on top of the painfully bright lights of the city weren't helping the headache go away.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt a sharp pain in his legs....

I was reminiscing about the pony music that I used to listen to back when I first started out being a brony, and remembered how much I loved this song.

I somewhat miss those days, but then again, not really. While it is nice to remember the past, I don't want things to be the same. It's just nice knowing that it happened. I dunno.

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Hey folks! This past Monday, I saw Equestria Girls. After some time to meditate on the subject, I've come to this conclusion.

It was pretty good.

Now, like with Friendship is Magic, you need to go in with an open mind and accept "Hey, the ponies become humanized in an official sense." Once you get around that, what you get is a pretty enjoyable diversion. Nothing earth-shattering for the series and nothing I expect to be referenced in Friendship is Magic. And certainly there's room for a spin-off series, even if that'll probably only get one season, 13 episodes most likely. It isn't something I look that'll dethrone Friendship is Magic and I'm pretty sure we'll return to business as usual for FIM when EG runs its course. Go see it for some fun humor, a storyline that doesn't take itself too seriously, and the real star of the movie, Daniel Ingram. His music is fantastic once again and made the trip all worthwhile.


I dd have three big issues with Equestria Girls, though.

And yes, "Brad," revealed to be Flash Sentry, is a pretty silly addition. I keep wondering to myself "why not just make it Soarin? Fans are already invested in Soarin, fans already LIKE Soarin, and people are more likely to be on board with a Twilight/Soarin relationship. And while Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry did show attraction to one another, particularly Flash Sentry, Flash's entire existence felt pretty hollow. I would have liked it best if it were Shining Armor in his place, but that probably would have caused problems in an eventual spin-off, as it's hinted that there's another Twilight and Spike who "live in the city," meaning it's entirely likely that THAT Twilight also has a Shining Armor for a big brother, so that probably wouldn't have worked. What hurts Flash most is that we barely get to know anything about him. He really feels shoehorned in and to put Twilight Freakin' Sparkle, a character who we have grown to love over the course of three seasons, with a character "made for the movie" is really lame and the team should have known better, even if he was likely made for marketing the toys.

My next big issue is Sunset Shimmer. Not a long contrivance and certainly not very offensive, but she's just uninteresting as a villain. A lot of the same problems as Flash Sentry. While we do get /some/ backstory for her, we really don't get any idea about her motivation. I wasn't expecting anything deep, but I was still expecting something to sink my teeth into.

Finally, Snips and Snails are Sunset Shimmer's lackies. I know they're not the most moral of ponies, but to make them flat-out the evil henchmen kind of rubbed me the wrong way. A much better choice would have been the Cloudsdale bullies. Much more imposing as henchmen, certainly more threatening, and you can actually /hate/ those guys!

Shoot, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon actually had moments of GOODNESS and Snips and Snails end up being evil. What is this I don't even...?!


So, overall, I give Equestria Girls three-and-a-half stars out of five.

+The animation is beautiful and the voice acting is tops as always.
+Daniel Ingram's music. I'd buy every version of every CD he'd put out from MLP.
+It doesn't take itself too seriously and just has fun with it.
-Flash Sentry
-Characters aren't terribly developed and even Twilight and Spike, our only real established characters who are main characters, need prior knowledge to fully get.
-Not the greatest of characterizations for anyone outside of Spike.


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Man, it's been a long time since I've been to this thread... Nice to see most of you are still hanging around!



@MasterGraveheart - Didn't read any of the stuff under the spoiler mark (because I don't want to be spoiled), but I'm glad that it seems decent at the very least.


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Looking at quickly at Pinkie hearing her burst out after hearing Luna's question. "Pinkie she means you and unless Celestia broke a Pinkie Promise, I doubt would know where she would hide." Turning back to Luna, after grabbing a near by Cupcake on a dessert tray and magically holding in front of Pinkie to distract her while she finished. "Maybe a Casino be best? Celestia might not want to leave too many luxuries behind and maybe she'll be more likely to go there instead of give them up and be better hidden?"

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Pinkie stares at the cupcake for a few seconds with wide eyes, drooling like a dog, then, seeing that it was safe to grab, stretches her tongue out like a frog, captures the cupacke with it, and brings it back to her mouth, swallowing it in one big gulp.

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Happy weekend everypony!

So reviews agree that EqG is not groundbreaking but is fun, and not the disaster everyone was fearing, so points for DHX.

@MasterGraveheart Thanks for your review, not reading spoilers though. I'll wait for the DVD to come out, watch it online on some streaming and get it if I like the movie enough.

@Syrup Chubby Cheeks is back! Glad he is still dead, after all I do remember that old RP it was really fun.


Not much fan fiction reading for me in these awful times of too much schoolwork. So have another shortie on tonight's ==Fic of The Week.==

Princess Luna's School for Gifted Young Alicorns by Tigerhorse
[On Fimfiction Comedy Complete Teen]
Is time for Princess Twilight Sparkle to learn the intricacies of the Royal Canterlot Voice. Princess Luna will gladly pass on that essential art, and since apparently Celestia never taught Cadence, she will have to attend to class too.

Just some funny shenanigans with the princesses of Equestria. Nothing deep but I loved the characterizations.
Decent writing.

And new episode of Two Best Sisters Play! HECK YEAH! As usual is NSFW.

And music, because this guy knows how to write lyrics.

Just a couple of weeks and I'll be on vacations, and play some games, and read, and RP, and stuff.

See'ya next week.

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So how did you guys all see EQG? I can't find it anywhere online yet, and not being in America anymore I can't see it in movies (not that I'd be caught dead doing that) and they're not sold in stores.

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I'm back! Yay!!!!!

While I was away, I drew this:


I think this is the first time, banner excluded, I've shown all three of my characters together in one piece.

Next time, I'll have Morpheus and/or Fable/Dist duel each other next to the sun. :3

Oh, and by the way:

I have a Wii U now! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!

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@Caramel, I suppose the best thing to do is to wait for the movie to run its course in the movie theaters, and either buy it, rent it, or obtain it through other measures. Either way, it seems that if you're not in America, you're going to have to wait to watch the film, as I highly doubt that anybody would even bother taking a camera and illegally recording the film.
@PANCAK3, hey man! Long time no see! It certainly has been a long while since you've posted on here. I haven't really seen you post on tumblr either (I always find your re-blogs rather amusing). Glad to see you're still around.
@Twilight_Crow, of course, you have to keep continuity, unless everything is just going to fall apart Loved that Two Sisters Play video; certainly my favorite one out of all of them.

I don't know if this was already shown on EqD (but, it's not like I particularly care), but you guys should totally support this game:



I can see how they're attempting to avoid copyright infringement with that game, but in all honest, I still see a C&D happening to it. Minor changes here and there won't be enough in my opinion.


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Discostew wrote:


I can see how they're attempting to avoid copyright infringement with that game, but in all honest, I still see a C&D happening to it. Minor changes here and there won't be enough in my opinion.

Oh, no, it'll work. They've been doing this sort of thing for a while now. If it didn't work, I wouldn't have a calender featuring humanized ponies in bikinis (don't ask, it's ironic).


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