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Nobodys_Angel wrote:

@syrup I was just about to tell you how @Rocko52 shared my opinion, but meh, who gives a crap?

8 months ago I would've agreed with you on that, but it's comments like that that allow for that sort of thing to continue to happen. We all need to acknowledge the problem and face it head on, as opposed to turning a blind eye towards it. I know that this is all just some silly pony stuff, but you never know how that will end up affecting a child's way of thinking down the road.


You know, people didn't think MLP FiM was anything special and that it continued with how previous MLP generations were handled. It wasn't until we stopped and actually watched it that we found out that it was different form the rest. Maybe, just maybe, we've gone back into this old mindset that because it seems to play off of what we disliked that it will be just as bad as the others. They may surprise us again, but we won't know until the actual movie released in theaters and people give their reviews. So, that's why I'm iffy. I'm not for or against it right now. I just want to be open-minded to the possibility that what made MLP FiM so great may play a big role in the movie.

Anyways........where did we leave off in the RP? Do I need to do some Discord-interrupting?

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Well...people started to watch the show days after it came out. Also, the movie really...sigh it might be good, I might enjoy it, but ultimately it's not teaching girls to be individuals like the show did. The show focused on friendship, how to get on in life, how differences are okay, etc. This movie throws out her supposed best friends for new ones who happen to have similar looks/personality. It also gives them all the body of an anorexic barbie. Not very good morals there.

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So, the point is, even if bronies find the story good, even if it gets praise from the fan community, that's not what counts. What matters is this is a cash-grab to capitalize on the monster high crowd, and the way to market a new line of similar toys, isn't to start a new IP, that's risky. Why not just remodel an existing one?Again, this franchise exists ultimately to sell toys. Except...that FIM turned out wonderful because it's creators tried. They set out to make a wonderful show for little girls, to teach them worthwile lessons, while genuinely entertaining. And they more than succeeded. The genre of entertainment for little girls rarely gets any attention. Anything for boys, can get attention, and "family" features usually sport a predominantly male cast. It's sad. So when a show comes around that bucks the trend, it's truly marvelous. While there are certainly many shows I like far more the MLP FIM, it always stood out. But now with Twilight becoming a princess, and Equestria Girls, it's conforming to the norm, becoming an average tool to sell toys because it's EASIER and it WORKS. Hasbro owes me nothing, but they owe that little girl in the toy aisle, who thinks it's cool to see the ponies as barbies.

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@Rocko52 Well, it works, so can you blame Hasbro? The're a company, out to make money. And mattel made a lot with Monster High. It makes sense to cash in on that from a bussniss standpoint.

I try not to judge anything till i have seen it fully, so im neither defending nor bashing it.


Hello I'm new to this thread and I changed my avatar and name because yeah. Also, I'm not really new to MLP:FiM, I've actually finished all seasons 1-3 on Netflix. Also because I'm paranoid and don't like bad content I don't go on sites like EQD and I'm not really Spike and I've read a good portion of this thread but I skipped ahead to page 666 at one point and blablablablablablablabla--

Yeah, I can go on and on and on (bleh, I can't make tiny text)

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Equestria Daily is pretty safe as far as I can tell, you might want to stay away from certain tumblr blogs and deviant art accounts though.

Meowph, that's right!

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Hello bronies!

I couldn't post last night because we had an Earthquake in my city, and my neighborhood's electricity went out. But we are fine, and now power is back yay.

@IAmSpike Welcome to the NL herd!

Today EqG goes into theaters on USA. I guess we'll soon see some reviews popping. Let's hope for the best.
I never liked the idea of EqG, but toy making is a business, and maybe we are not respecting it as such. The truth is girls like cute dolls like Barbie, or they would have never been made in the first place, oh so many years ago. Girls are not stupid drones that automatically want to be like those toys you know, just like boys that get action figures of strong men. Hasbro's girl toys had always been second to his boys line until recently and that is why they need a doll line. I don't like that they used MLP either but we all should stop pointing fingers at companies as if they were evil. Just saying give the kids a little credit, is their choice, and if a little girl want a EqG doll, maybe is because she likes it, not because she wants to be it, honestly they know cartoons look quirky like that, they like ponies don't they?


In this, a bit late, ==Fic of The Week== something short and nice:
Side Effects by Aldrigold
[On Fimfiction Sad Complete Everyone]
The Alicorn Amulet gave great powers to Trixie, but at a great prize.

A nice little tale that digs into the mind and past of The Great and Powerful Trixie in a masterful way. It is amazing how the author manage so much in so few words.
Great writing.

And a dream:

Have a nice week everypony!

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@Twilight_Crow - Glad to hear your okay, that could not have been fun for you and now I'm going to want to see that happen

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Sorry for my rant everypony, it's just my opinion.

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Rocko52 wrote:

Sorry for my rant everypony, it's just my opinion.

Nothing wrong about it, so long as we all have an understanding. We're all different people who like some of the same stuff, but we all may not agree on some things.


If Twilight was in SSB, then it would definitely be a purchase for me, but of course the possibility of less sales overall would be greater.

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The possibility of Twi being in Smash is...absolutely 0.

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I'd prefer Pinkie in smash. Party cannon, anypony?

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I'd prefer it if Hasbro hadn't C&Ded Fighting is Magic.

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@IAmSpike Welcome to the NL herd. May your stay be enjoyable and have fun. Now to just bring out that wagon...

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@Discostew Well, I had semi-questioned Pinkie Pie as far as what to do, but I've gotten no response from her yet, so I'm waiting.

@CorporalPegasus Awesome. Hope you like that arc as well. I did for the most part. And great avatar there.

@Retro_on_theGo lol Thanks man. I didn't think about someone would put the cat suit from 3D World on Pinkie. It strangely works though...

@Twilight_Crow Glad to hear you are alright. Those things can be scary when they happen. Great to know it was only a minor one. That picture is just has so much win. I wish it were real, or any Pony for that matter showing up in the game. Mostly impossible, but awesome dream to have nonetheless. And the story looks really neat. Maybe I'll have a chance to read it sooner since it's so short, but I'll see.

@Wildvine53 Excellent comic find there.

@Pinkie_Pikpik Pinkie Pie would also be an excellent choice.

@Rocko52 I do too, but no use crying over spilled milk. What's done is done, and hopefully, the project's turn with Lauren's involvement will be great.

I'm going to reserve all judgement on Equestria Girls till I see it. Not that I'm expecting great stuff from it, but I'm willing to give it a chance. And the girl image is kinda fair to point out, but I'm not overly concerned about it, since this has been done since Barbie toys were first produced way back when.

And an Applejack picture I enjoyed and wanted to share for no reason except that it's Applejack.

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