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Twilight being a little shocked from the behavior of Discord takes a second to clear her head and respond to Luna. "Your chambers? Isn't this the cake storage room?" Twilight looks about at the chamber void of all the cake it use to hold. "Well I guess that explains where Celestia hid your chamber, so umm, where is Princess Celestia? She kind of promised me and my friends some cake; of course they likely won't be here till tomorrow." Twilight pulls the letter out with her magic and passes it to Luna.

Dear Twilight:
Please come to the castle, I've bake a cake for you. Bring your friends.

Yours truly:
-Princess Celestia - Celly.

"So can you point me to the new cake storage room? I kind of want to take the cake to my face so I can go back to home and sleep; after complaining about the poor grammar of course and asking what in Equstria she means by signing Celly." Twilight stares at Discord still trapped by Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie, hold him if you could. Right after this cake thing is over I want to make sure he's a nice garden ornament and not flipping gravity anytime soon."

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TeeJay wrote:

Ark_Sin wrote:

@TeeJay Thank goodness you're okay!

So, how is it?

Primitive. The whole place is really primitive, just as I left it, only worse.

The "Great Salt Pond" that was already brown when I left is even browner. Now it's so filthy the fish have been smothered. It happened just two days ago, on my second day back. My family said the day before, they were all along the edges, gasping for air cause they couldn't breathe. And by the time I saw them, they were dead/dying, getting washed along in the current of the floodgates that were opened too late. This island is a mess.

Oh, and, um, ponies.

Where is this, New Jersey?

If it is, I am deeply sorry for making that comment.

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@Ark_Sin - Figured someone (or some people) would make lyrics for that. Odd as it may be, I always felt Applejack had a motherish spark about her.

"Oh Twilight, you crazy pony. Sometimes you can be such a jokester." Discord remarked as he laughed. He glanced to see Twilight was not in a happy mood. "Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder." Discord continued to laugh even more, having wrapped his arms around his chest, which in turn around Pinkie Pie as well, trying to contain his laughter and his breath. With tears in his eyes, he gave Twilight another glance. Seeing how she had looked more infuriated, and also seeing Luna in a unpleasant mood, he swallowed his laughter and wiped the tears from his eyes. He turned back to Twilight. "Well, while I'm sure you would be thrilled to have another go at me, you are unfortunately too late. An agreement has already been made that guarantees my freedom....", Discord's voice drops to a disgruntled tone, "....though the terms of that agreement and how they were applied are hardly ecstatic by any means........Speaking of which.....", Discord let out a sigh, and snapped his fingers. He now stood upright as the bed and lights surrounding the bed had all disappeared, returning Luna's chambers back as it originally was. He was now cradling Pinkie Pie in his arms as she continued to hang on him. "Go ahead Luna. Why don't you give her the -good- news.", he concluded as he spun around, facing his back at the two ponies.

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Ark_Sin wrote:

So BronyCon was in Chicago last year

I feel so sad knowing the biggest convention was literally downtown

Um... which one, exactly?

THE BronyCon (as in, the very first one that has stuck with that name ever since) was in Secaucus, NJ last year.

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Since I'm new to my account (I've actually been a regular viewer of Nintendo Life for over two years, but just decided to make an account) I've decided to join this MLP forum. So....HELLO!

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Thanks for the welcome! (Technically I've been "part of the herd for about a year now, but it's always exciting to find new message boards/forums!)

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@Aqueous Oh, ok. I must have missed something in what you said then. Though it doesn't matter anymore since you got an RP post up, and @Discostew. I'll hopefully have something tonight, if all goes well.

@TeeJay Oh wow... That must be just what you wanted to return to. Hope that you do alright though regardless.

@Rocko52 Welcome to NL and the NL herd! I hope you enjoy your stay. And I too was a just a site glancer before I joined. Good to have you aboard.

Electricmastro I too am surprised at that, though I guess they have to focus on their other productions as well. And I forgot to mention that I like the new avatar.

@Ark_Sin I saw that picture before. Nice to see that they made lyrics to go with it too. I can hear the melody in my head as I read it too.

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@Rocko52 - Welcome!

@Lunapplebloom - In the end I never altered it but it was likely a good thing I waited till I was half asleep to post.

Twilight's irritated look dropped and was turned to one of confusing, turning to star at Luna for answers.

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@Rocko52 Here you go, also that cider tastes great.

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Thank you all for so quickly welcoming me! I guess I'll just throw it out there that Twi is my my favorite pony.

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