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@TheDreamingHawk - It is and well bronies use the term to refer to trolls... Sorry. to hear it.

@Twilight_Crow - Thank you. Glad you like the avatar, it is for my BL but I was tired of looking like a grumpy Twilight here, so I brought it here too

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My turn!


This episode was very good. Perhaps the strongest episode of the season (if you don't count the two-parter as one episode broken over two 30-minute blocks like I do, otherwise it's still a close second). If the episode had any real misstep, it was in the ending and the road to Trixie's apology. She literally went from ready to torture and possibly /kill/ Rainbow Dash to get her Magic McGuffin of ultimate power back to begging Twilight Sparkle for an apology with how she treated her and her friends. It felt extremely rushed, as if they overshot the episode time and had a hard time deciding what to cut and where. It's a tough task for any storyteller. I can't help but feel that this was made to be a 2-parter, but the Crystal Ponies were deemed more marketable, thus they got the two-part nod.

Also, when I first saw it, Twilight "turning Applejack from a mare into a stallion" absolutely freaked me out. ^^;;


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Hi there. How have you been?

I really need a break. Could comment on the great and powerful Trixie episode that aired yesterday, but i had to study for as it was today. And tough luck, as i'm sick and i barely slept yesterday, so... Yeah. Real life stuff, who cares.

Vacations start next week so i hope i will be posting more. Meanwhile, have some artwork:


Attention has shifted from fabulously-clothed ponies, aside from Rarity... Well

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I'm glad to see all the great content you guys are posting, hopefully once winter break starts I'll be able to post more.

@Discostew Good luck on the project, I liked the comic, it would be cool to see it come to life.

@RetroBrony Nice new avatar, it looks great !

@Chrysalis Good job on the new vectors, the blue hair does like better than the white, but those are give me the heebie jeebies. Those chibi humanized ponies do look nice.

@Twilight_Crow Yay those Cadance fics are at the top of my reading list, I look forward to reading those.

As per the new episode, I really loved it, and it's probably my favorite episode of the series.


I was glad the episode featured not only Trixie and Zecora, we also got to see more focus on Twilight's Magic Training. I'm also curious to see what'll happen with the Royal Ponies from Saddle Arabia.


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Wildvine53 wrote:

@Discostew Good luck on the project, I liked the comic, it would be cool to see it come to life.

I'm not planning on anything spectacular like animation, simply because I don't have the capacity to do such things. All I was thinking of was doing the comic in a slide-show fashion with voices added in. Of course if this ever gets off the ground, gets completed, and someone comes around wanting to "enhance" it with animation, sound effects, etc, I wouldn't necessarily be against it.


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@Wildvine13 - thanks! Your new avatar looks great, too! I loved the Paper Man short that played before Wreck-It Ralph in theatres, it was so beautiful!

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Even though it was clearly fan service, I loved the new episode.

As if the internet needed even more reasons to obsess over Trixie. XD

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@ElectricMastro Oh mygosh, I'll have to come back to that video when I've got the time.

@DiscoStew Well even without animation, the voice work would still bring the comic to life. It would be really awesome to see it animated though.

@RetroBrony91 Thanks, I really loved it too, and I thought my avatar was due for an update.

@DiscordedTeeJay lol , they won't stop until everyone loves Trixie!

More Cadance Fanart, sorry but no source on this one.

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Sylverstone wrote:

Celestia has heard my pleas.


I have a bad feeling that the quality of those is going to be rather poor, so the only reason to pick them up is for collecting.


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I'm currently editing ponies with this, can't wait to see how it ultimately turns out:

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Hello everyone, I hardly check out this thread but I really like MLP: FIM...

so ill hopefully be on this thread more often x3

(I felt really awkward typing that but whatever!)

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