Topic: My dad likes to play Super Mario World with a SNES Controller

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Is there a such thing as a SNES controller that connects to the GameCube controller socket?
And if so, where can I get one?



There are but I don't have any links on me.

But I don't see the problem of playing SMW with one. I do, the button layout is the same. Its only a little bigger, Why the hate?


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There is a Super Famicom Controler for that work as a Classic Controler for the Wiimote.
But there must be some retro port for using a original SNES controler in Virtual Console.

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EDIT: Well, seeing as I'm not going to get one of those.
Is is possible to cut the cords on a SNES controller and a GC one and wire them together or something?

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There are some guides online (sorry, don't have a link handy) on how to do it yourself, but it's a little more complicated than simply wiring SNES to GC (i think you need an additional chip; that is what's included in the adapters you can buy).

That said, i have both the NES-to-USB adapter and the NES-to-GC adapter, and both work perfectly.

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Yeah, I think he said something about getting a Classic Controller.



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