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I've written a number of controversial threads in this forum that came under critical reception. Most recently, a less than fun column about video games and the porn industry. I was driven to writing those threads through fears and didn't recognize the potential for widespread success in the gaming community.

All of those fears were based on an overwhelming quantity of hateful and biased journalism. For instance, there has been a recent saturation of discouraging stories that suggest an impending failure of Nintendo to market the company's newest distinct console to its targeted "core" masses. And as a Nintendo gamer that came to scare me because it lead me to believe that the company will likely fail to successfully change due to a market that's unwilling to adapt. And I'm aware that flexibility is important for any company if it is to survive market shifts.

What I didn't realize is that contrary to what's in the news what's truly on gamers minds these days is, We don't care about the kind of biased journalism that speaks on everything but what matters the most in our community. We just want to talk about games. The next Zelda, the next KilllZone, or the next Halo. The gaming community talking about games is what keeps the industry alive and is what has kept Nintendo alive throughout the company's hardships.

Anyway, I want to apologize for my whiny articles and thank you all for reading this one. I look forward to talking about games in the future.

My next article: " Your Ideas for the impending Majora's Mask remake"

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I really don't think that was necessary bro



I really don't think a thread based around the problem is the solution. :/

DePapier wrote:

If you want to really apologize to someone, apologize to TBD.

Because threads like that don't affect the community, only the admins?...No.

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This isn't much of an apology. Please stop posting 'articles' to our forums — use your own blog or website for that, and then put a link to 'em into your signature. That way, you don't have to worry about how 'controversial' or not your writing is, as it'll be on the head of whomever clicks the link to visit and read your stuff. Thanks in advance!

future of NL >:3
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