Topic: mrlimbo hits Norway ?

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It's aliens! The end is near! Pack your bags and leave before it's too late!
Seriously though, what is that thing?

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Whoa, I wish I could've seen that!
Oh well, hopefully my dear friend Aurora Borealis will show up this winter as well, and I'll just fix my eyes on her instead.

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This is the best thing ever, have you flipping seen the thing, what the frak is it?!? Needless to say, my imagination is running wild. The spiral effect suggests it could be natural, or brought about by science, either way, I'm intrigued.

And no, it has nothing to do with Obama and his plan for change.

EDIT: "However a statement from Moscow later confirmed that a missile launch from a Russian submarine in the region had failed."

Ergh, no way is that from a missile launch. 0_o

EDIT EDIT: Some fancy Scientist disagrees, but I am not convinced, yet....

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