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The Transformers movies (the live ones) and the prequel series to Star Wars. I enjoyed both trilogies very much.

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RR529 wrote:

Ralizah wrote:

Am I the only person who actually thought Armageddon was a pretty good movie? I don't get all of the hate for that movie. Pearl Harbor, too.

Wait, Armageddon is a hated movie!? I remember it being huge back in the day, and I know everyone in my family enjoyed it (including myself).

Armageddon gets trashed all of the time and is held up by many people as an example of why Bay is a horrible director. Everyone in my family liked it, too, but outside of us I hadn't encountered anyone willing to defend it.

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I really didnt think Spiderman 3 was that bad. I enjoyed it. - Dayman
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Black Dynamite

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Matrix: Revolutions:I really don't understand the hate for this one. "It doesn't answer our questions!" shouts everybody in the world. Yet I think that the point of this movie is to figure it out yourself. It took me weeks to figure out what everything meant, and even after that I had to clear some stuff up by looking at it online. If you haven't seen it, don't read the next part. Official spoiler alert. My theories evolved from simple (Agent Smith = -1, Neo = 1, 1 + -1 = 0) to complex and religiously charged (the idea of enlightenment, Neo transcending into a godly form after losing his body, he remains dominant over the Matrix). It was a movie that made you think long and hard. And I liked it. Plus the final battle was pretty neat up until what I thought was a pretty anti-climactic ending. But all in all, a good film.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter: I'm a history guy. I love historical movies, especially ones about a president as bad-donkey as Lincoln (I'm not American, by the way, but I have studied quite a bit of American history along with my native Canadian history and of course all of the classic stuff). Take that president and make an over-the-top action movie about him killing vampires with an axe and you've got yourself a movie that I'd like to see, especially when the action scenes spam slow-motion at every chance they get. I thought the movie was nothing short of epic when I watched it, but most critics tend to disagree with me on all levels. I would still recommend it if you like over-the-top action and the idea of presidents murdering vampires.

That's all I can think of now, but I'm sure there are more.

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Freddy's Dead.
I enjoyed it for what it was(Looney toons on elm street)....That is, up until John Doe bit the dust. After that it turned to complete Donkey Kong dookie. That's at least how i see it nowadays, back then i though it was an absolute blast. I rented FD when it arrived on VHS in the early 90's(probably around 92')and it's probably one of my most treasured standout movie memories, being the big A Nightmare on Elm Street fan that i was and still am....I waited hours for my parents to finally come back with a copy from the videostore which felt like an absolute eternity.


They finally arrived late at night, with it on VHS, along with a glorious mouth watering large sized pizza and some sizzling icey' cold soda to match. Moments later they went to bed, and what followed was Freddy's final chapter dominating the entire OMFG night on a vintage 1980's 27" Wood panel tube tv.

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Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
It's not among my favorite movies or anything, but I can't see what was sooo bad about it. All of the classic Indy stunts and whatnot all felt like they should have, be it subpar compared to the other 3 films. It just felt like a lame version of the previous 3 movies, but not bad, IMO.

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8BitSamurai wrote:

Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
It's not among my favorite movies or anything, but I can't see what was sooo bad about it. All of the classic Indy stunts and whatnot all felt like they should have, be it subpar compared to the other 3 films. It just felt like a lame version of the previous 3 movies, but not bad, IMO.

It was a good movie. Nostalgia + impossible expectations created a situation where a lot of people would have been unhappy with the finished product no matter how it turned out.

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Out of the 80s/90s Batman movies, Batman Forever is honestly my favorite.

Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Chris O'Donnell, etc. were all very good in their respective roles. The story was a fun ride, that stayed in good balance with humor and seriousness.

It had a colorful, yet ominous atmosphere that wasn't dark, but had enough of an upbeat tone so you wouldn't feel gloomy or depressed by the end credits.

Plus how was it not cool seeing Batman drive UP a wall with the Batmobile, with cars exploding below?



-Star Wars prequel trilogy (I loved them, I honestly don't get how people could hate them)
-Most Adam Sandler movies
-Both Deuce Bigalow movies
-The Amazing Spider-Man

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Jurassic Park III. Unfairly hated for the most part imo.

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KaiserGX wrote:

What no one like Child's Play 2?!

Childs play 2 was a pretty decent sequal, far better than 3 & especially seed of chucky which was a complete disaster. I'm also really looking forward to Child's Play 6 which is going back to the series darker roots while completey acting as if Bride and Seed never existed and instead is going to take place right after part 3. It's going to be getting a straight to DVD/Bluray release this Sept! If that's what it takes to keep this franchise alive, than so be it! CP6 is in good hands so i'm not too worried.

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Hamlet 2.

I thought it was great.

...I'm also the only one in the world who did, it feels like.




Goldzilla 98 is one of my favorite monster flicks.


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