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How about that Wilson scene from Cast Away? That volleyball is a legend among movie characters. sad.....sniff


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You made me cry Starboy91.



Ah ET, my grandfather's first film in decades when he came to visit a few years before he died and he was crying at the end -- damn you Stephen Spielberg!

But honestly, Marley & Me? That was on the flight to the States I went on in May; I was happy not to have the headphones!

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Pay it Forward & My Girl were very heart wrenching.

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brooks83 wrote:

Big Fish gets me every time. There are quite a few movies that can almost make me cry, but Big Fish and maybe 1 or 2 others are the only ones I've ever actually cried over.

Yes. Even though some of the scenes with the son could be acted better, the fact remains that the final scene of him being carried down to the water is tremendously sad. My Wario-manliness keeps any real tears at bay, of course, but I'm crying on the inside.

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Well, I can't beleive I forgot this one when I posted originally, I'm sure many more will pop up too. Anyway, my lil niece was choosing a film this afternoon, she suggested this and I snatched it off her and put it back on the shelf. We watched Nemo instead. Phew!



@machu. Oh yeah that's one sad film man...........................Bright eyes burning like fire , bright eyes....................

What's this bit for again?


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Back in the mid ninties I watched Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx on VHS after eating some "magic mushrooms" and smoking a non tobacco substance and cried like a baby during the scene where Jackie covers for his love interest so her little brother doesnt find out shes in a gang. Remember kids, theres a reason its called dope.

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Easily Marley & Me. If you ever had a dog, pet, or anyone who you lost, it was impossible not to cry at the end of this.

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Watership Down, what an excellent book. I look forward to reading that to my daughter someday...

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Titanic does NOT make me cry.

It makes me SOB!!

Also, when we were on a plane my sister cried during Bridge to Tertibithia, and she didnt have any headphones.

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The Lion King off course.

I was like, six years old and I CRIED when Simba's father died, it was like the freaking 90's version of Bambi but even more cruel. At least Bambi's father got shot by a hunter. But simba's father got killed by his own freaking brother by letting him get trampled over by a stampede of a hundred wildebeest. I mean, this is a FREAKING KIDS MOVIE!!! What do these people think kids are?! Robots!? Hewn from granite!? Dick Cheney?! I don't know...

A childhood trauma indeed!

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Flight 93! And I'm not even american!

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I never thought I'd go back to one of my eldest topics. But, I guess, I have to.
Tonight, me and my father watched a movie called Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. It's an Italian movie, and I've been told prior to watching it that it was a bit sad. I thought it was good movie, with a touching sense into it. But when I saw the Cinema get imploded, I started to cry. I never thought another movie would touch me as deeply as this, besides Titanic. It was a good movie, and a sad one too. I miss Alfredo.

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Man on Fire. i teared up in the end of that, and i just watched The Express tonight, and started to get a bit hazy eyed.

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Corbie wrote:

Believe it or not, one of the few movies that have made me cry was Casper.

why? because your reaper couldnt take him down to hell himself?

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