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Eureka Seven: High Evolution 1 (Amazon Prime Video) - The first entry in a planned film trilogy to retell the story of the Eureka Seven TV anime, and as a huge fan of said series, I found that this missed the mark. It opened up at a point 10 years before the start of the series, showcasing an event that was central to the series' back story for the first time, and while this segment was a feast for the eyes, it's an absolutely terrible starting out point as it's full of in-universe technobabble that's not at all welcoming to newcomers, and even series fans who haven't watched it in recent memory. Then it decides to jump to an arc in the middle of the story, when Renton was living with Charles & Rey, while occasionally jumping back to the events of the first episode, that again would probably be confusing to newcomers, and also isn't optimal for a rewatch as well. Worse, this segment of the film (which is the bulk), is simply cobbled together by reusing scenes from the TV anime. Now, the series still looks good IMO (especially with how it's been remastered), but it's still a bit of a jarring transition moving from the modern film quality animation, to touched up scenes from the original TV series (especially considering the 4:3 aspect ratio).

@jump, as I said, it doesn't do anything wrong (at least on a checklist), but is very "diet GitS" in terms of the themes that permeate the series.

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RR529 wrote:

jump, as I said, it doesn't do anything wrong (at least on a checklist), but is very "diet GitS" in terms of the themes that permeate the series.

Eh, it does a lot wrong. You've got the white washing (even if you ignore Scarlett you still have a supporting cast that has been washed), the cold poet articulation of the characters has been transferred into bad monotone acting as well as gross misunderstanding of the source material. The themes of original anime movies about existential crisis have been converted to basic a revenge story. Even when they were lifting scenes from the original they misunderstood them like when the Major was naked it's to show how (emotionally) detach she is from her body and just sees it as a tool rather than apart of herself whilst here it's because it looks cool.

Again the film is fine if all you liked about the anime/manga is pretty flashing colours.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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I recently watched Molly's Game. Arguably one of the top five movies that revolve around poker, at least that I can remember. Rounders is usually the default choice when it comes to poker related cinema. Then a few other less popular choices such as Shade, Maverick, Cincinnati Kid, etc. In any case, Jessica Chastain is amazing (as per usual) and the supporting cast is also quite strong.

If you're a fan of Jessica Chastain's work or of poker in general I high recommend you give it a watch.

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