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What kind of mother's think they have the right to change a baby in a public restaurant how dare u take ur precious time to clean ur baby while contaminating the rest of the place disgustingly grossing people. Why thank u its good too see how much u care about ur baby that u couldn't think to have some common courtesy and do it in ur car then wash ur hands. If I was there and employees didn't do nothing about this I would stand up and say: HEY! Look where u ARE! Do this someWHERE!! ELLLSSE!!! Then I'd turn my attention to the employees:Clean this place up! At least someone did the right thing and not try too be polite cuz u didn't want to scare the customer away. What about the ppl eating here! They might just b scared away. Whats one customer worth 2 u then the 10 more on othr tables?

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Public restaurant?

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i bet you don't approve of mothers breastfeeding in public either.

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