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Hmmm, well I played games I can't be sure on the times of. I played Skylanders primarily on Wii before U and I played Wild World on my DS more often than 3DS but I think I got at least 100 hours each from them. Oh yeah, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure on my 3DS was at about 65 hours last I checked. Uprising is at 163 hours and I still suck at it.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl without a doubt. That's my go-to game when I don't want to go into a full session or just want to relax. And it will probably remain most played until its successor comes out.
EDIT: Well, depends on how awesome Pikmin 3 is.

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I guess Goldenye online,and the obvious Internet browser

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For me it's been Xenoblade Chronicles(120hrs), Mario Kart 7(200+), Kid Icarus Uprising(200+), La Mulana(30+), Deus Ex Human Revolution(50+), and probably Batman Arkham City(20+).

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For me it was Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. Needless to say I have no doubt that Fire Emblem Awakening will be it for 2013.

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