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Whoopie! 2012 is over we had plenty of great games over the past year, from Kid Icarus Uprising, and Xenoblade, to Pokemon Black/White 2 and ZombiU.
Are you curious of what you played for most the year, and are you curious what others played? Then add all your info in this Thread.
Simply go on your 3DS/WiiU Activity Logs to find out what you played over the year, and post everything on your log here for 2012!
I hope to see some interesting results.

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1st. Mario Kart 7
180 Hours and I still can't come in first on global race
2nd. Internet Browser
You probably want to know what I can possibly do on that Browser for 136 Hours. Well its basically 5 1/2 days worth of Nintendo Life only.
3rd. New Super Mario Bros. 2
You know what they say "Time is Money" and for that matter 121 Hours is 2 Million Coins
4th. Kid Icarus Uprising
Even though Pit can only fly for 5 Minutes, I can manage to keep him flying for 119 Hours
5th. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
In less than 2 Months I can play in Monte D'or for 66 Hours. It truly is the city of miracles.

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Past Names: Koops3, Klyo, Whirlpool, Titanics, Birthday_Boy
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Tales of the Abyss (3DS) - 92 hours & 23 minutes.


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1. Xenoblade Chronicles - ~190 hours
2. Metroid Prime Hunters - 93 hours 8 minutes
3. Mutant Mudds - 51 hours 45 minutes

2012 overall has really impressed me. Starting with the new, Mutant Mudds and Xenoblade Chronicles reshaped some of my thinking of my Top 10 games of all time. Mutant Mudds captured the essence of platforming and presented it with simple controls, relatable characters, engaging difficulty, charming retro visuals and music. Xenoblade Chronicles absolutely wowed me, and right now it's probably at 1.5 on my Top 10 games of all time. I'm really interested in the ARPG genre now, and look forward to playing more of Xenoblade, even if I end up restarting on Wii U.

I almost forgot to mention the best game out for the Wii U right now for Nintendo, Nintendo Land. This game has really impressed me with not just the depth of its games, but also the outstanding handling of co-op within the games that use that feature. Great start to the Wii U, and in ways, a handful of Nintendo's franchises especially Metroid.

As for the old, I finally sat down and completed Renegade Kid's Dementium II from 2010. It went right up into my Top 10 with one completion, so RK won me over twice this year in a big way. I also finally completed Ocarina of Time 3D, and I can understand the critcial acclaim and reception it has gotten. Not sure if I could put it over Phantom Hourglass, but I do love the experience presented by that title. As for Metroid Prime Hunters, it continues to be title that finds way to engage and open up to me, and for that it still remains my favorite game of all time in spite of facing off against this year's Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm thinking about getting into fanart much more in the new year with my games overall, and Metroid Prime Hunters is at the top of the list.

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Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


Super mario 64 DS
love that game

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1. Monster Hunter 3G! (178 hours) - Honestly its really fun. Its good people in the west will get it soon. Its such a huge game. Its currently in my 3DS now.

2. Fire Emblem Kakusei/Awakening (136 hours) - This game is really epic, and is a true evolution for the series. Great music, fun story, and the characters are great.
3. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (53 hours) - I didn't think I would like this game as much as I did, but its super fun.
4. Club Nintendo Picross (16 hours) - Its fun, and the Nintendo references are cute
5. Famicom Wars (13 hours) - I can't believe I play this more than Fire Emblem (Famicom), but as far as first entries go, Famicom Wars was actually stronger back then.
6. Bravely Default (9 hours) - This game really is amazing. The music, story, characters, and battle mechanics are fun and epic, but its just such a huge game, I never get a change to really dig into it as much as I want.

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Final Fantasy XII (on the PS2)
(I've never played a game that long.)



On my 3DS
1) Internet Browser - 556:24
Oh my.
2) Colors!3D - 67:30

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1. Monster hunter tri
2. Metal gear solid 3D
3. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

My prediction for 2013
1. Monster hunter 3 ultimate
2. Nintendo Land
3. Pikmin 3

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1. The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
2. Pokemon Black Version
3. Mario Kart 7
4. Kid Icarus Uprising
5. Kirby Dream Collection
6. New Super Mario Bros. U
7. Nintendo Land
8. New Super Mario Bros. 2
9. Batman Arkham City-Armored Edition
10. Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed
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Skyrim and Civ 5.



I put in about 300 hours on Super Smash Bros. Brawl over the past year. But what else is new?

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I put at least 120 hours into Final Fantasy XII this year. And that was without attempting to hunt some of the harder bounties or claim the best hidden Espers.

That game is a monster.

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Xenoblade. too obvious

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F***ing Pokemon Black 2. I don't even know why, it sucked. I guess just because it's Pokemon...damn Pokemon...
Second most played Was Monster Hunter Tri, one of the most frustrating games I've played.
Third was Final Fantasy XIII-2, which, while fun, had the third worst game story I've ever encountered.

This year, I resolve to pour my time into good games, not just stupidly addicting ones.

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F***ing Pokemon White and Pokemon Black 2. I don't even know why, it was fantastic, I guess just because it's Pokemon... I have opinions woohoo

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Either Kid Icarus Uprising or Theatrhythm. Both around 150hrs.

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Dark Souls, I logged about 110 hours into that this year.

If we're only considering games released in 2012, then it'd be Torchlight II with around 20 hours.



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