Topic: Most personally loved multi-player game?

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Same thing, what is your most personally loved multi-player game? I really haven't been into multi-player until lately...I would have to go with Guitar Hero World Tour...

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i was going to say final fantasy crystal chronicles: echoes of time but i have no one to play with and hardly anyone on this site has it the multiplayer lags way to much, so im going to go with resistance 2 not just for competive but co-op as well. best 60$ i have spent.

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I'd have to go with Mario Kart DD, so many hours of multiplayer fun; Super Smash Bros. Melee would be pretty close thou.

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Now it would Mario Kart (any of them) but i used to play Twisted Metal World Tour with my friend's all the time, it was a great Multiplayer game, i would still play it if i had it & a PS1.


I had the most fun with Halo 1 on Xbox. My friends and I had LAN parties with 8-12 players. Epic CTF matches lasting like 3 hrs. a piece. Blood Gulch rules!


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I have kinda a sore spot for multiplayer games, not because I don't like them, but because no one ever wants to play the multiplayer games that I would like to play. I either have to play Brawl ad nauseum or play Halo...(shudder)

However, four-player Tales of Symphonia battles were always epic. I can't wait for Tales of Graces to come out. Hopefully, I can find some friends to play that with me. Or it could have online play. That way, I could just start the "Weekly Tales of Graces Battle Forum!"

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Worms! (excluding the 3D iterations) I've been a big fan of the games since my introduction to them in the mid-nineties. Blasting your foes with some rather silly weapons is always very enjoyable. It just doesn't get old.

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Super Mario Kart, for the same reasons in your previous topic.



Zelda: Four Swords Adventures -- I've stated the reasons for this in other threads more than enough

It also all depends on who is playing... Double Dash ranks highly, as do certain Mario Party iterations (only with people that have a certain sense of humor, and preferably with drinks). Monkey Ball (the original) for a couple of friends.

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Streets of Rage 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 2.



Conker's Bad Fur Day's multiplayer is amazingly fun. It has loads of modes, nearly all of them are great, satisfying weapons and good maps.



Mario Kart WII!

For previous gaming consoles, the original SSB and Goldeneye are way up there. For Genesis, Road Rash 2. My brother and I would race to see not who could win, but who could punch each other off our bikes the most times. Ahh...the innocence of childhood.

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Pokemon Puzzle League. Although it takes time to warm up, My sister and I can get 5 minute 3D game. Really Hectic.


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Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Me and a friend of mine have an everlasting grudge of who's better at the game.

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tambourine+man wrote:

Conker's Bad Fur Day's multiplayer is amazingly fun. It has loads of modes, nearly all of them are great, satisfying weapons and good maps.

This man speaks nothing but the truth.

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Halo, Gears of War, Champions of Norrath (anyone remember that one?), Mario Kart and Call of Duty 4.

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Super Mario Kart and all those other Mario Kart games. <3
When I was little, me and my cousins enjoyed Mario Party 1 & 2. Mario Party 3 I played at a friend's house in Italy years ago.
Good times.

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Super Mario Kart. Best multi-playa game eva!



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