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Last night was the first ever Monster Jam Freestyle Event here in Mobile AL. If any of you are fans of Monster Trucks or Freestyle BMX, Dirt Bike, ATV, or Super Bike and this show comes near you I highly recommend goin to it. I think that about says it all right there. Its a full on Freestyle Crazyfest, dirt bikes and ATVs backflipping like 50 feet in the air and Super Bikes Poppin Wheelies and Nollies and Monster Trucks. Lots of fun and I got to see the first ever one. Only Grave Digger, El Torro Loco, Taz and El Matador were headliner Trucks with 4 other lesser know trucks due to small arena but I imagine all the big names will be at bigger arenas but the small size was perfect for the bikes.......oh and a guy lit hisself on fire and jumped like 80 feet onto a airbag, that was fun too. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a great time if it comes near you.

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