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Not sure if you knew, but Sporcle has opened up for user quizzes (and if you don't know about Sporcle then shame on you). Anyway I've done two that if you're bored or something you could give a whirl.
The first one is a Mega Man games one. Just name all the games and you'll do fine.

The second one is for SNES RPGs and only do this if you had your overconfident flakes for breakfast. It's huge and really hard. In fact, the best anyone has done thus far after 40 something quiz takers is getting 55%-60% correct.

Any feedback would be appreciated, especially when it comes to things I can improve... Also looking forward to any quizzes you yourself might come up with. Enjoy!

Oh and I do have a third one but unless you REALLY like trance music you could probably skip that one.

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shame on me



45/63 on the Mega Man games...not terrible. I would have gotten more, except I didn't remember the Battle Network/Star Force series of games until I only had a minute left. Not enough time to write Mega Man Battle Network over and over again...

EDIT: Tried again and increased my score by ten. Only missing 8 Mega Man games altogether, and all the ones I forget are obscure, so I'm pretty happy with that.

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Actually, in Mega Man one, you can use abbreviations for most of them if you feel pressed for time.


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