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jumping the gun, aren't you, Tasuki? lol, i had no plans to lock this one.

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theblackdragon wrote:

jumping the gun, aren't you, Tasuki? lol, i had no plans to lock this one.

Not really I just dont like to repeat myself lol and I wanted to share my thoughts on the other Megaman thread there so I just did it like that. Plus I didnt want to have to keep watching two thread to see all the responses. Yeah I am lazy like that

Plus I am kinda weird like that I dont like repeat threads I even get mad at myself when I do them lol.

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That comic art of Mega Man looked impressive. I'll keeping an eye on this for sure. Now if only we can get comics for Shantae and Mighty Flip Champs!

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Looks cool! I wanna check that out.

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