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Hey all,

Let me first start by saying that i am a noob here on this website with this being my first action, but i do go through the news everyday for sometime now.

Hope we all can be friends unless you try to race against me in Mario Kart which of course you would lose and then you would never call me back again.

So back to the topic at hand. Over the past years i have developed a Mario Party boardgame based on mostly the games on the N64. The boardgame is just as you would expect of a Mario Party with tons of Mini-games, items, stars and lots of fun.

Rewriting the mini-games into a board version took some time and imagination, but i think i have a solid 40+ mini-games in the categories 4FFA, 3vs1, 2vs2, 1vs1. The mini-games range from throwing dices to get to 30 the fastest all the way to push-ups. The level of intensity varies from casual to hardcore as some mini-games could be considered a stand-alone game.

Within the game there are several new items and entirely new boards and characters to play as. also new fun bonus stuff that adds more classical mario party style level of ruining friendships.

I know that this boardgame will most likely NOT see the light of day in storefronts all over the world as Nintendo will hunt me down, but an optimistic mind-set gets you further then a pessimistic one.

But this is all still a dream sadly enough.

So therefore i have come to Nintendo Life in search for help. I have hit a wall that i cannot climb and that wall is called designing. I have written down the games and made poorly drawn boards, but to achieve the desired end result of a good looking boardgame (that can potentially be shown to Nintendo) i will need designers.

So my request to the lovely people of Nintendo Life is are there any designers (professional, student, hobbiest) who can draw pictures better than a 5 year old (thats my level who would like to help me out. I wont pay you, but a case of your favourite beer or 50/50 if we get Nintendo on board works fine for me.

And i would also need testsubjects, but that will be in a latter stage.

If you are interested please send me a message and if you don't have the skills just let me know what type of mini-games you would like to see or ideas that you have.

And for those people who think they can defeat me in MK8 here is my switchcode: SW-5352-2960-8905

Thanks in advance.



that's a brilliant idea for a board game. I am quite intrigued. If you ever need a play tester let me know! Sadly, I can't help with designing as my artistic skills are several years behind yours!



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