Topic: Danny Wells who played Luigi in Mario Super Show has Died

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Nooooooo. I actually like his voice over for Luigi Vs the man himself Charles Martinet. But i grew up on this show in the late 80's, early 90's before Video game Mario even had a voice. RIP Danny, you were one of the TV-standouts in my childhood, with Super Mario Bros Super Show + LOZ being 2 of my favorites cartoons growing up. I loved their whacky Peewee's playhouse inspired live action Brooklyn Plumber duo pad they had going on haha.

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It is a shame. And I recently watched some of that show on Netflix.
Damn you bowser! ;___;

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game over, luigi's original voice, game over.

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Such a shame, I enjoyed him as Luigi, too bad there's no 1-ups in this world.

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Man... this is sad!!!

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This is sad news indeed. Hope he gets a special tribute like Lou got
I really enjoyed the Cartoon gonna watch on DVD to pay respects


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Wow I didnt realize he was that old. Such a shame. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. I have to say kinda weird that this is year of Luigi and probably the most famous Luigi (Well besides John Leguizamo) died at the end of the year.

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At least you can "Do the Mario" with Captain Lou up in Heaven now, during the Year of Luigi, no doubt. Rest in peace, Danny.

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How saddening. RIP.


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