Topic: Make a Wish (Only for it to be corrupted)

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Granted, but there are two of them so now you're possible to date only one.
i wish for a Nintendo Direct focus on Super Mario Sunshine 2 only. XD

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Granted, but it turns out that Super Mario Sunshine 2 is actually a lazy port of the first game, but with some minor modifications. For one thing, you play as Waluigi trying to rescue both Mario and Wario.

I wish that I had all the time in the world.

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Granted, time gets frozen indefinitely for you.

I wish pink wasn't a girly color.

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Granted, but every other color is girly now.
I wish my wishes aren't corrupted.

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Granted but... Bzzzrrrttt! ERROR 21467. Wish is incorruptible, cannot compute. Wish disqualified.

I wish I could breathe under water and could withstand any amount of water pressure if I swim to the bottom. And the ability to turn invisible so I won't get eaten by any creature.

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