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That brings back memories of Gamefaqs.



I think my eyeballs are in danger of rolling out of their sockets.

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You got me good, I never seen that done before!

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Luckily for me, I can't watch that video on my tablet!

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I didn't even know Rick Rolling was still a thing.

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This is not the kind of thing you joke about. Zelda is serious business.

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ShadJV wrote:

This is not the kind of thing you joke about. Zelda is serious business.

I get that it's just a joke; but it's the fact that it's done with such a serious matter.

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Gamespot just gave this a score of 3/10



pokemno rick rolling [youtube:PPn7MMQpvvA]

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This threads needs to be put down to save space for the REAL news.
....It IS coming right?

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