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RJay wrote:

Is it cheating if....your girlfriend has coffee one on one with another guy? or if she invites another guy to go to a party with her, without asking you first?

Seriously dude, I'd kill them both!!



Corbie wrote:

Any girl that doesn't want anyone to know you're dating isn't worth your time. End of story. Cut her loose.


Start a new story and the first chapter can be "girl meets curb".

RJay wrote:

Well....I am kind of nerdy and awkward

Then you need a nerdy and awkward gir-

I kid I kid. Isn't it like aim for the moon and you'll hit a star or something?

Alegeobla wrote:

i guess.... but i mean, on a nintendo based website a question about love is kind of out of place haha

Nah, this is a great place for relationship advice.

I think everyone should start posting their love problems on here so we can help.

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Chicken+Brutus wrote:

Will you marry me?




She sounds suspicous,perhapes she wants to date you and other guys? If that's the case,you know what to do.



Don't ask for love advice on the internet. (or at least not forums)

Girls with a lot of guy friends tend to be bad at exclusivity, especially the party girl types, which means bad news for anyone wanting a serious, stable relationship. Depends if you want your heart broken or not. (unless the guy's in it for shallow reasons, too, in which case it's their own fault)

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Firstly, this is the General Discussion section, so clearly non-gaming topics are allowed (and welcomed; unless they're asking to ban people!).

Secondly, I don't think she needs to ask permission to do these things, but if she's concealing them it could be because you've been jealous in the past or based upon other things you've written, there's other things happening.

I can relate to your situation. I was involved with a girl who lived across the hall from me in the dorms at uni. I already had friends on the hall, but she was new and indicated she didn't want them to know about our relationship because of this. I fell pretty hard for her; I confided in a female friend about the relationship and she got bent out of shape about it, to which I stated that my longer-term friendship was of more importance than keeping our relationship a secret and that was that. As in your situation I suspect the motivation was a desire to keep the relationship "open" without feeling like my friends would rat her out and like others have said you need to be up-front about your feelings on the issue and make a hard decision.

I guarantee some short term emotional pain, but this kind of relationship really isn't worth it. Either everything is equitable and you're both happy or it's time to cash in your chips.

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This was all I could think of:

And on the subject of "Love Advice", I...erm... know a friend, who's in love with a yellow chicken. You guys might know him, and I think - I, I mean my friend thinks he's quite a nice guy. Erm, bird. But he/she is a bit too worried if the inter-species thing is kinda "wrong". Do birds dig that sort of thing, or what? Thanks. My friend will appreciate it.

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RJay wrote:

longtimegamer wrote:

@Rjay - If she's YOUR girlfriend why's she taking another guy to a party? That would bother me. Unless there's something about this that I'm missing.

That's what I argued with her about endlessly....well another thing, she doesn't want to tell anyone about us. Not even her roommates have known we've dated. Her dad knows, but he lives 4 hours away. I feel like maybe she's not telling anyone, because she wants to be open to other guys, even though she has told me she's my girlfriend.

been there... any girl not telling anyone she's dating you is not worthy of your time. sorry to tell you like this, but I don't believe she's only seeing you. It happened to me, and it was EXACTLY the same.

but don't believe a guy talking about relationships on a nintendo message board.

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If she's keeping it secret, then cut her off, you can't keep a secret like that forever. If she's upset you broke up with her, or asks why, then tell her and she might actually tell people, then hook back up so now you know that she's not keeping secrets like that anymore. This whole "dating" thing reminds me of something that happened a month ago. I asked her out, she said yeah, then said she was actually really busy (gymnastics every day) and now we're really not even friends anymore, but I wanted to be. At least we still talk sometimes. Wait, why am I telling you this? Lol.

Also, maybe she's not telling anybody because she's embarrased of you. Let's hope not.

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