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Which do you live in and would you prefer the big or the small cities/country areas?
I live in a small city (50 000 people only) and i quite like it, however its not diverse so i'm one of the handful of minorities around. Ideally, i would like a bigger city of around 250 000 people or so where its extremely diverse

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space colony but i'f I must choose big city I live in a small city now and far to many people are familer with me...

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malnin wrote:

space colony

ya it wud be cool to live with lasers and manipulated gravity and all that stars wars and star fox greatness. That wud be pretty sweet

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I live in a small city: 32,000 people (but I live in Germany so our cities are way smaller than the US ones anyways ) And I like it here...I don't like big cities...I don't even like to go to big cities for shopping or something. I like my city it's small but even though my town is next to a town with 10 times more people (320,000) we still have the bigger cinema and mall lol
And even though my town is modern we have a wood with a sea and south of the town is a large country area. So the perfect mix between country and city

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Wow some of you would hate where I live lol. My town only has 700 people total and the nearest towns have maybe 15,000 tops. I have to drive 80 miles to the nearest city and it only has 90,000. The other is 90 miles to the other one and I am not sure what the population is but I know its over 50,000. I got to say I think I would like a city better as it does get old when the towns near you only have a bowling alley and bars. Where I live no best buys,targets. Within a 15 mile radius all we have is wal mart,kmart,jcpenny,sears and a gamestop. I am looking to move within the next year or so. Any advice on decent cities ?



@apocalypse217 Make sure theres lots of recreational places so u can actually enjoy the city outside of ur home. Also check for annually events like festivals and fairs that make city life more fun

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I like the city. I used to live in California back when my dad was in the Marine Corps and I loved it, but my parents hate the city so we moved out to podunk Ohio and Kentucky. I would love to live in California again, but now that I've been in this area so long I think I'd really like to live in Cincinatti.

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I live in Mexico City, y'know, noisy, polluted, filled with millions of people, of course we also have plenty of malls, theaters, stores, marketplaces and more; thankfully, I live in front of a park, so I can taste a tiny bit of nature, even birds sing in the early morning, then the traffic starts . I'm too used to live here, still I'd like to spend some time in the country, but I'm certain I'd comeback to the city eventually.

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I have just moved to a village that has been swallowed up by a small city- so it's right on the edge. There are far reaching views and walks from the door. But I am a couple of miles from the city centre and have shops, restaurants and transport links.

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I live in a town. Quite small but big enough. Its ok I guess... (Folkestone, UK)




Okay, that was somehow less fun than I imagined. Small town life is nice. I'm actually disappointed that my home town is expanding a lot lately. It's not the same anymore. I think the best life is in a small town near a big city. It's quiet, cheap, safe, simple, etc. and I only have to drive an hour on weekends to see movies or concerts and such.

@ Twilight Crow
Mexico City seems like a cool place. I hope to make it there some day. It's just a bit too far south for a road trip, unfortunately.

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I enjoy Country Living and I'd prefer to live in a Town as opposed to a Village (howbeit a village is better than a large city) and my most modest choice would be a Hamlet. A Hamlet is normally more rural than towns, villages and suburbs combined. BTW here the definition of Hamlet: "A hamlet is usually a rural settlement which is too small to be considered a village".

On the other hand country living is far better than city life. It's a lot healthier and morally uplifting than living in a dank city filled with chemical pollution, smog, loud annoying music, billboards of half naked women, violence and crime, thefts, the quick spread of disease and sickness, traffic jams and much more.

Life in the country is far more peaceful than the miserable, high speed and busy life of the nosy and crime filled mega cities.

At lest in the country there is peace and quiet and one is surrounded by the harmonious world of nature flanked by the charming sounds of birds and other innocent animals, furthermore there is a feeling of being closer to God as spiritual benefits of nature are so much more abounding in nature than in the Mos Eisley type cities of our world. Plus terrorist would not detonate a bomb in the country because the kill rate would be higher in the doomed cities. So yes, the country is a far better place.

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I live in a sleepy sea-side town (my hometown), but spent many years down south in a big new city (fun, but shallow). I hope to end up in a cottage on the side of a hill in the Lake District, with a little stream at the bottom of the garden. I can just imagine sitting back in a rocking chair with early morning coffee in hand, breathing in the epic landscape before me.

I owe it to myself to make that dream come true. I MUST!



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