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BrazCanaMan wrote:

Man, I'd love to tell you what I went through when I was your age but this thread would get locked so fast you'd have no idea what happened. Only thing I can tell you is to focus on the good in your life and work on making things that aren't so good better. It might take a while but the good happens. just keep focusing on the good things in your life.

Thanks! I will take this advice and try to stick with my close m8s/family I guess! Well and my gf I love her so much... and thanks DaDun for the advice too! Nice talking to you guys, I will pop back to NL now and then, once a day perhaps. Reminds me of the NOM UK/ONM forums when they were good...

Edit: I am off to bed now (00h36 in the UK)
If anyone wants to add me my MSN/Live address is nintendowi&...

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