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Anybody here on NL play with LEGOs? I'm around 14 and I still have a fun time building those blocks I just want to know if anyone else shares an intrest in LEGOs.

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I used to play with them all of the time. Don't really mess with them anymore, their prices are ridiculous nowadays.



I loved LEGO when I was a kid.

And actually I still do to be honest. I still got boxes full of sthat stuff lying around. I built a whole city with trains, police, fire dept. and so on.

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Who didn't love LEGO to be honest. I can't think of a friend I knew who didn't have any.

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When I was a kid, I'd spend every dime of my paltry allowance on Legos, and I asked for it for every birthday and Christmas. Over a few years, I amassed one hell of a space collection. I would buy extra sets to augment the original designs, as they never included enough weaponry or fortification. When I "decommissioned" my military lunar outpost, it was more than 15 craft and 120-men strong, with color codes for officers (gold), medics (red), special forces (black), recon (blue), and enlisted (white), and was approximately 50 square feet in size on those moon-style plates. O! the terror they wrought on my younger brother's forces. Anyway, I actually made a stop-motion film for an 8th grade "history" project - the future of space exploration - after which I lovingly wrapped each assembled piece and boxed them in my attic where they remain to this day.

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I don't ever remember having or buying Legos, I spent most my time probably drawing, watching TV, and playing video games.

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It's amazing the fun you can have with a bunch of little blocks and a little imagination! Plenty of hours were spent playing with those things!

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By brother and sister once made a 5-story hotel with an elevator with Legos... I made a really good looking blue dino a while ago... And I also built an 8-Bit mario that turned out great, but it fell apart so...

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Yes. I love Legos. I made a Lego R.O.B., but I need one more piece.


I'm jealous! I wanna play with LEGO too. That was my favourite thing as a kid besides Zoids, i had loads of it. And when techniks came out it was even better. I bet you kids have got all sorts of fancy LEGO these days, bet it still hurts like crazy when you stand on a brick tho', ha!

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I used to play with LEGOs,but now my li'l brother does a lot and @Machu I no what you mean about stepping on the LEGO bricks

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I want to try and build LEGO Taj Mahal!

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