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I'm planning ahead for my birthday in October. I've made my list, and I've decided on part of what I'll spend with my birthday money (you know, from non-immediate relatives and friends). With my figuring, I would have about $30 left after I bought things I know I will buy. With that money, should I buy Klonoa for Wii, or FFIV for DS?



I'd get Klonoa. But I'm more into platformers than RPG's, so I'm biased.

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If you want FFIV, wait for it on VC. It's already been announced. You could get the main game for just $8, and if you like it as much as most do, you can get The After Years sequel episodes, too, which hopefully won't be much more expensive than $22, if that much. That way you get a lot of game for the same money.

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but, i want the ds version



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