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I live in ND where there is tons of snow and slush during the winter as well as below zero temps a lot. I need a pair of cute boots that will still keep my feet dry and warm. Has anyone had any experience with UGG boots during this type of weather/how did they fare?Having a pair of UGGS, and they’re not supposed to be worn in water or anything, because they will stain, so I’m pretty sure that the sluch and snow would ruin them. But, they keep feet very warm. I love them!

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I do keep my feet dry. Thanks for worrying about us though



yalp don't wear them--I process product reviews between 4-8 hours a day and I've read complaints from people about exactly what you speak of--and quite often. Can't say I have any personal experience, but I've read enough personal experience from other people to recommend against them for your climate. Who'd have thought my mindless job would ever actually benefit someone?

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Ahh. Ugg boots. How good is Australia eh? Dont wear them in the snow. They lose grip heaps easily, and will soak through especially in the snow. Wear them inside tho to keep your feet warm. feels snug whilst thinking about wearing uggboots whilst going to waterpolo


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