Topic: Just Dance 4 High Scores and NSMB2 Coin Rush High Scores

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I just want to see everyone's high scores on these two games. Reply to other high scores on this topic saying your opinion, or showing your high score that is higher than the person's high score. I don't remember what my high score for Just Dance 4 is, but I know that my NSMB2 high score is 8 thousand something hundred and something-something coins.

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For NSMB2 my total coin count is just over 3 million, and i`ve got 30000 on the gold classics pack and the gold rush pack. the gold rush pack is by far the easiest of the bunch to get the 30000 score.

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I want Just Dance 4,played it on my step-brothers Wii and I enjoyed it a lot.

I got 5 stars on Call Me Maybe.

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