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He just left the popular webseries GameGrumps to focus on JonTron Season 2.... He is to be replaced by Danny from NinjaSexParty.

On top of that, Danny started a new show on the GameGrumps channel with Ross from RubberRoss called Steam Train, which means that GameGrumps videos would be one a day.
What do you think about this? Personally I always wanted Jon to leave to focus on JonTron, but now that he did I don't know how to respond to this...... Gah.

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Yeah, it's awful. This is all awful. The Subreddit's on lockdown.

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I don't know Danny, but I think he'll be fine. I hope Ross and Danny do well with their new show.

The hate they're getting for "replacing" Jon is so unwarranted.



People have been saying that Game Grumps has been losing it's charm lately, but now that Jon is gone they'll swear up and down that everything before Jon left was the best.

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HeatBombastic wrote:

The hate they're getting for "replacing" Jon is so unwarranted.

That's awesome. I like Steam Train now.

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Chrono_Crossing wrote:

I like Steam Train now.

That's just twisted.

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We have a Game Grumps thread...
But while I'm here, I'll just say that Dan is a funny guy, and I hope Steam Train isn't as bad as it is on its first episode.
But I wonder if Steam Train is getting alot of dislikes relating to Jon's departure.

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Well first of all:

And second, I truly don't know whether or not this is just some huge elaborate prank since many things haven't been explained clearly such as Jon previously saying that Game Grumps and JonTron didn't interfere with each other.

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