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Do you think its time to have a more light hearted approach on the forum ? I do ! Thats why this is the new joke a day section. Chip in with your own jokes of the day and we can all have a chuckle weather were at work bored or in history at school everyones day needs lightening up a little.
Please no offensive jokes like the japanese ones floating around at the moment as some people will be offended and also keep them clean as there are kids on this website and if they dont understand a joke and then google key words, well um you know 8|

Ill get the ball moving.
Why dont aliens eat clowns?
Because they taste funny XD



How many light bulbs does it take to change a blonde?
Just one, turn off the light and she'll change into something more comfortable.



Blonde Clown is offended...and sad.

I'd like to contribute, but all my favorite jokes are sadly quite offensive.

What is the meaning of life? That's so easy, the answer is TETRIS.


Heyyy, I thought I was the joke of the day D:


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theblackdragon: ahaha perfect response to that thread, raylax
theblackdragon: eff your other responses, though
theblackdragon: all of them
theblackdragon: in the entire history of ever >:[
theblackdragon: they've all sucked

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I Got One But It's A Yo Mama Joke:

Yo Mama's So Fat She Jumped Up In the Air and got stuck.



It's hard to make a joke without making fun of someone these days, lol.

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yeah all I know are yo mama jokes



Allowed Jokes Are: Blonde Jokes, Mild Ginger Jokes and your mama as its very light hearted its ones like when people die or the japanese ones I dont want floating around.



I have a good one, but its rather dirty... so I won't say it lol.

Unfortunately with jokes today, you're either making fun of someone or acting stupid...

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