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Greatest Gaming Network Channel (GGNetwork)
after trying to gain a youtube team on other fourms, i decided to create this membership at this forum to gain a youtube team here looking for some partners that would join my youtube team and help take it to the top. joing is simple and almost anyone can be excepted. aslong as you can produce up to 30 minute recordings for a video of your game play in withing a week, your ready . GGNetwork does all gaming From playstation, nintendo, mac and PC, but i am looking for more variety in our gaming. if your intrested in becomeing a deticated player on my channel, just leave a comment with your skype name that i can use to contact you with, or a phone number if you feel comfortable with that. thanks guys

link to my channel



Please feel free to advertise anything you like via your user signature — as our users see you contributing constructively to topics around our forums, they may choose to visit your YouTube channel if they so desire. Good luck!

future of NL >:3
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