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hey, I'm not a regular here at this forum but I think this is the right place to share this::

(this is a copy from another nintendo forum)

Hey Yall out there in this here forum!

I'm not a regular user of this forum as I don't really play too many games, but this is the right place for what I want to share. I played Link to the past on Gameboy SP as well as Ocarina on 64 in the last few years... but I am a fan of video games especially nostalgic kids games that have been around forever.

I am a music maker/ conniseur and I always appreciate the cool thematic music in games and I eventually bought a few synthesizers that sounded like the old game consoles and I felt like when I made music with them, they had a flair of videogame style.

I know all about true and proper chiptunes; there are many folks I know who use a Gameboy or Fami-tracker to compose true 8 bit tunes... so my music isn't chiptunes per-say but I feel like it resembles something of a mid period of MIDI based compositions.

Video games now adays are full fledged media centers and many employ use of recorded sound as mp3 or some other compressed audio such that there aren't really limitations to the sound/space requirement of the older systems.

But nevertheless when I was working with the yamaha QY700 and QY100 sequencers I always thought, this sounds like video game music.

so recently I compiled an EP of tunes that I had made with video games on the mind and I call it JDSY - Mario E.P.

it can be found at www (dot) JDSY (dot) Bandcamp (dot) com (slash) album (slash) mario-e-p

This album takes only 16 minutes of time, but it has 8 tracks and is a quick easy listen. A lot of music users tend to skip around and not listen to a whole track, but I think that if you just sit back and if you are only going to listen to a song once, just listen through. that's my encouragement for people to really enjoy listening to music again.

that being said, take it for what it is and enjoy any way you see fit.

Thank you,

and let me know what you guys think!!! <3 <3 <3




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