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Did anybody watch it? Thoughts?


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I'm just like, I just, I know, it's bad
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I was home all day with a cold so I caught a little of it. The media coverage was overblown (of course) but it wasn't the circus I feared. Some nice tributes.

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ya my mom watched all of it and was crying so i looked at what it was and saw some bits of it, only got to see the mariah carey part but i heard lots of strong tributes on news replay like Al sharptons and his daughters

EDIT I still wish chris brown, despite what he did (originally and possibly still one of my favorite performers) was there to do his famous MJ thriller, rock with you, and billie jean medley/dances. Hes the only one who can come close to dancing like michael...need proof? Chris Brown MJ Tribute

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I didn't see it but I saw the highlights at the news. It wasn't as much of a stunt as I expected.

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