Topic: I Find Wayforward Overrated. Do You?

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I like Wayforward. I enjoyed Mighty Flip Champs, and really enjoyed Adventure Time:HIKWYSOG, but everyone here really seemed to have gotten a premium seat on the Patricia Bandwagon. I mean, they aren't like Rareware, that seemed to own every genre they can do. They mostly make sidescrollers. Some of their games were bad and repetitive and yet I see so many people greatly loving them, and are actually thinking of buying The Smurfs 2 because it simply has their name on it. But why?
Sure they pack some good games, but they aren't jaw dropping, or impressive. They're just good to me.

Thank you for looking at this dead thread. I'm here to say that Wayforward once again made a bad game. More evidence to boot that they are nowhere near as immortal as people want to claim they are.

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I find them to be incredibly overated. I'm fine with others swooning over what they make, but I just don't get what makes their games as great as others say, save for Shantae.

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Yeah they are a bit overrated. Honestly the only games I played of theirs is Contra 4, and Batman: The Brave and the Board and I thought they were good nothing special really. I guess some people are fond of them for Shantae and I am sure the overrated factor will go up here in a few months when they release Ducktales Remastered.

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None of their games have made millions or anything so who cares?

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I think they're rated just about right.

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A little, no.

A lot, yes.


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I find they do a few things very well especially in the retro dept. that perhaps outshine many others in those few respects. Other than that though their games aren't anything mind blowing. They just happened to get lucky on the amount of praise they've gotten on those few things they do well is where the overating perhaps comes from. I think anyway.



They seem to deliver quality products, which is a rare thing in this day and age.
IMO this makes them a good companion for Nintendo systems.

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I like the games they make. I think the problem is how much content there actually is in their games. I bought Mighty Switch Force HD on the Wii U, and I think it's a good game, but you're paying $10 for 21 levels that take 2-5 minutes each to beat.
Plus, you have to make the par time to unlock the other 7 levels, so that kinda forces you to replay the levels until you beat the time.


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After playing that expensive shantae dsiware and not liking it at all, yeah I think they're kinda overrated.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Bleh, played the Shantae game on the 3DS. I don't like it. I'd much rather play the Adventure Time game. They put effort into the Adventure Time game, but not into the Shantae thing. Mighty Switch Force has some decent graphics. The levels are pretty short though.

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I tried Shantae for DSiWare and found the only impressive part of that game to be the visuals. Honestly I think it's just because they're one of the only companies to release consistently decent DSiWare. I thought Shantae was a waste of money though - so I'm not on edge to buy anything else they made.

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Not really.

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Most of their praise comes from Mighty Switch Force and Shantae Risky's Revenge, two games I feel are very overrated so I do tend to think of Wayforward as overrated as well. That said, I do really like what they did with Contra 4 and Aliens Infestation on the DS, games I feel they should be getting their praise from.

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Yes, the studio is overrated.

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i only played mighty switch force. cool game but too hard for me and very short.

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They run hot and cold, imho...I never really got into Shantae the way so many others did, but daaaaaaaaang is Contra 4 a masterpiece. They've got other games I like too, but mercy me was that just a perfect update to the series. True to the spirit of the originals but doing so much awesome stuff in its own right.

Part of why I want Capcom to give them Mega Man but that's a story for another day...




I think so. It seems like there's a point in each of their games, maybe one level or even just a 10 or 15 second long segment of said level, that is simply impossible to do but is absolutely critical to do so to advance in the game. Without fail. If you get hung up, you're out of luck, and even if you can find a guide for that part, good luck getting through it. I dub this "The WayForward Twitch", because if you're off your game by even a little, you can't progress. It made finishing Mighty Flip Champs! impossible for me, I know a review for A Boy and His Blob mentioned a part like this in its review, it made several Shantae: Risky's Revenge dungeons more aggravating and difficult than they already were, etc. That modicum of poor design that always seems to appear makes me cautious of buying any WayForward game at all.

And even if they fixed this recurring problem, their games will still only be in the good to great range of how they are. Not excellent, but good to great.

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While they mostly just make sidescroller platformers, a lot of them are pretty damn good platformers. So I'd say that they definitely do deserve a bit more praise than some devs, but they do tend to get too much of it from some people.
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I've only played Mighty Switch Force!, but I don't think it's overrated.

The spritework is sublime, the music catchy, the 3D fantastic, and most importantly, the game plays very smoothly (and they seem to add new elements almost every level, so it stays fresh from beginning to end).

I can understand the dissapointment some have with the game's length, but as a $6 download, I personally don't see much issue with it.


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